TV’s DVR Champs: The Shows You’re Most Likely to Record

by | December 22, 2010 at 4:17 PM | TV News

'Hawaii Five-0' Star Alex O'Loughlin (Photo: CBS)

'Hawaii Five-0' Star Alex O'Loughlin (Photo: CBS)

What are you DVR’ing?

If you’re like most people, you’re much more likely to have your DVR set to record ongoing, scripted series rather than live events such as sports and competition shows like “Dancing with the Stars.

What’s the most DVR’d show so far this season? It’s “Hawaii Five-O” on CBS. The show averages 11.5 million viewers each week, and then adds 3.2 million when you count the number of viewers who record the show.

According to a story on, the top 10 most DVR’d shows are all scripted shows – nine dramas and only one comedy (“Modern Family” at No. 3). CBS, ABC and Fox are all represented on the list, but NBC is not.

However, the Peacock network does have the one show (among non-sports telecasts) that was DVR’d the least this season – “School Pride,” the reality series about real schools that was produced by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Cheryl Hines.

Technically, NBC does have one of the highest-rated shows on the air this fall – “Sunday Night Football” – but it’s not a regular series. Nor does it rank high on the list of DVR’d programs, indicating that people prefer to watch their sports live than watch them later. Only 34,000 on average record this football telecast for viewing later.

Here are the 10 Most DVR’d Shows, followed by the 10 Least DVR’d Shows (including the number of viewers added from DVR’ing):

The Top 10:

1. “Hawaii Five-0,” +3.19 million (CBS)
2. “The Mentalist,” +2.99 million (CBS)
3. “Modern Family,” +2.96 million (ABC)
4. “Grey’s Anatomy,” +2.93 million (ABC)
5. “House,” +2.59 million (Fox)
6. “Glee,” +2.5 million (Fox)
7. “Criminal Minds,” +2.46 million (CBS)
8. “Castle,” +2.43 million (ABC)
9. “NCIS,” +2.39 million (CBS)
10. “Blue Bloods,” +2.29 million (CBS)

The Bottom 10:

1. “School Pride,” +61,000 (NBC)
2. “America’s Most Wanted,” +99,000 (Fox)
3. “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” +158,000 (ABC)
4. “Supernanny,” +178,000 (ABC)
5. “Cops,” +195,000 (Fox)
6. “60 Minutes,” +225,000 (CBS)
7. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” +233,000 (ABC)
8. “Skating with the Stars,” +237,000 (ABC)
9. “Dateline,” Friday, +241,000 (NBC)
10. “Primetime: What Would You Do,” +254,000 (ABC)