‘Alaska’ Preview: It’s Timber Time for ‘Chainsaw’ Sarah

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' (Photo: TLC)

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' (Photo: TLC)

Look out, trees! Here comes Sarah Palin and she’s got a chainsaw!

It’s all in pursuit of new adventures in Alaska as the ex-gov and husband Todd pay a visit to a logging camp this Sunday night on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (9/8c on TLC).

TLC offers a sample of the action in this new preview clip posted on its Web site.

Watch the preview here

“This really could be potentially deadly work I’m engaged in,” says Sarah, who dons a yellow hard hat and Day-Glo orange vest for this “deadly” work. Yeah – deadly for the trees!

Look, in much the same way that we all comprehend that animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens must die in order for us to have food, we also understand that the commercial logging industry must fell trees if we are to have paper and all the other products made from them. Still, when thinking about “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” one can’t help but wonder why nearly every episode of this show has to have Sarah mounting some sort of an assault on the natural world – clubbing halibut, netting salmon, fatally shooting a caribou, cutting down trees. Can’t she just go and merely look at all the nature for a change without harming any of it? We’re just asking.

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This weekend’s episode is the series’ seventh of eight, with the final episode scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 9 – a special two-hour finale starting at 8/7c on TLC. (No new show will be seen on Jan. 2.) And that means this much talked-about series will soon be over. However, it’s doing well enough in the ratings – averaging 3.3 million viewers each week after six episodes – that there’s talk now of a possible second season, though TLC’s reps say that’s premature.

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Popeater.com churned up rumors the other day that negotiations are under way between Palin and TLC, with Palin looking for a significant raise. Reports peg her fee for Season One at $250,000 per episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” but that figure might be as reliable as the story that she’s negotiating for Season Two. The rumors were flatly denied the other day by a rep for Palin, Rebecca Mansour, who Tweeted: “Rule of thumb: anything ‘PopEater’ reports about Sarah Palin is completely made up – as in fabricated out of thin air.” Ouch.

Still, based on the ratings and all the buzz about the show, it stands to reason that TLC would be interested in pursuing a second season. They’d be crazy not to.

If you ask us, a second season for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” would be just fine. As the first reality series to star a potential candidate for president, the show is historic. And we’ve enjoyed writing about it and reading the reactions of the Fancast community.

So, how about it? Should Sarah go for Season 2?

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