’16 & Pregnant’ Abortion Episode Sparks Controversy

Markai Durham on 16 & Pregnant (MTV)

Markai Durham on 16 & Pregnant (MTV)

16 and Pregnant” fans might recognize Markai Durham from last month’s episode, but the mother of a baby girl is about to be seen in a controversial light after tonight’s ‘No Easy Decision’ on MTV.

Durham will reportedly be shown contemplating an abortion after realizing that she has become pregnant again. This time, however, there is no baby to be born.

The New York Post writes that Durham will go through with the abortion during the episode.

“I get sad from time to time thinking about it but then everything happens for a reason,” Durham wrote on Formspring.com — MTV is not allowing the 19-year-old to be interviewed prior to tonight’s airing.

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Durham said she and boyfriend James were using birth control at the time of the second pregnancy. However, she didn’t realize she “ran out,” she wrote. “They give you a time limit to get the shot again. [It’s] like days-days, so I thought I had time. I guess not.”

“It was only an embryo, not a baby not a fetus when I was pregnant,” she wrote. “So that’s what I believe now and I know one day God will give me that embryo that turns into a baby back to me once we’re more better.”

The Post notes pro-life blogger Jill Stanek expects a one-sided portrayal of the issue. “This apparently means the pro-life perspective will simply get tackled,” she wrote, adding that the show was made in cooperation with Exhale, a support group for teenagers who have undergone abortions.

“It got way out of hand, when all she was trying to do was be honest and share her personal story and struggles with other young women/girls,” the administrator on Markai’s Facebook page writes. “She didn’t expect to be ridiculed and put down about it so much.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Jennifer Armstrong previewed the episode, saying “while pro-life critics will likely find fault with the show just for existing, no one can accuse the documentarians of making abortion look easy or fun.”

‘No Easy Decision’ will air tonight on MTV.

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