Kevin Pollack: Wronged ‘Money Drop’ Contestants Would Have Lost Anyway

Kevin Pollack on Million Dollar Money Drop (FOX)

Kevin Pollack on Million Dollar Money Drop (FOX)

Amid all the “Million Dollar Money Drop” hubbub about the birthdate of Post-It Notes, show host Kevin Pollak says one fact is getting overlooked: the contestants at the center of the controversy would have lost even without the hinky question.

“They never had a chance to win that money. Ever. No matter what,” Pollak told The Hollywood Reporter of Gabe Okoye and girlfriend Brittany Mayti. “They got the last question wrong. None of the clips show the last question.”

The couple was the subject of headlines, tweets and cocktail party conversation after the Fox show producers acknowledged that their Post-It Note answer to a question that was deemed wrong was, due to bad info provided by manufacturer 3M, in fact correct.

Watch the Clip to See How the Sticky Situation Went Down:

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But, Pollak notes that even if they had provided the right – er, wrong – answer, they would lost their $800,000 anyway.

“This story is a moot point. They lost everything on the next question. It’s a non-story,” Pollak said.

Nevertheless, Pollak is behind the decision to give the couple a second chance by inviting them back on the show. “I say right on,” Pollak said.
He questioned their supposed reluctance to return.

“But now they are saying there’s too much pressure? Oh my God! Way to get the country to turn against you. That’s interesting, they would make such a stink and then ultimately maybe not come back,” he said.

The situation has helped raise the profile of the show, which returns Jan. 4. It has seemed to follow him lately at social gatherings, Pollak said.

“Accosted might be too strong a word, but (I’ve been) softly confronted, yes,” he said. “Most often it was respectful confrontation as opposed to outrage. And ultimately it would turn to this point — are you enjoying the show otherwise? And that enjoyment is across the board.”

Does Pollak have a point about the controversy being moot? Do you think Gabe and Brittany deserve a second chance anyway? Comment below.

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