Report: Kelsey Grammer to Fork Over $50 Million in Divorce From Camille

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Camille Donatacci and Kelsey Grammer (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Hey, Kelsey Grammer—have any epiphanies about marriage lately? Get a prenup, man.

According to sources with TMZ, Grammer and his “Real Housewives” ex-wife-to-be, Camille Donatacci, will split his $100 million fortune right down the middle since the couple never signed a prenup during their 13 years of marriage.

Much of the couple’s nine-figure worth is invested in real estate, with homes in LA, Hawaii, Malibu, Colorado, the Hamptons, and New York City.

Kelsey Grammer Blocks Camille From Bank Accounts – How Will She Survive?

Before any of you Camille-Haters start hootin’ and hollerin’ about this 50/50 settlement, this just in: This blond doesn’t just bide her time buying naughty lingerie and syringing her face—she likes to dabble in numbers!

Sources say that when the couple married, Kelsey was tight on cash. It was Camille’s business skills that helped paved the way for his amassed dividends. (If we learned anything from the Dinner Party Disaster, it’s that Camille was responsible for launching CBS’s now-defunct “Medium.”)

“They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team,” says someone familiar with their financial decisions.

While there’s apparently no real “Cheers” earnings to be had, you better believe Camille will get a cut from the “Fraiser” income…(after all, she did have to suffer through Kelsey’s heinous Michael Bolton hair phase on the show).

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Do you think it’s fair Camille’s leaving the marriage with half of the cut?

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