Kathy Griffin Swears She Won’t Watch Her Language on CNN

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Kooky comic Kathy Griffin swears she doesn’t care if she drops any f-bombs on the air this New Year’s Eve, as she did last year, live on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

A year ago, her f-word faux pas actually cost her her evening’s paycheck, she disclosed in a pre-New Year’s Eve interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Griffin used the word last year in CNN’s live telecast from Times Square, ushering in the New Year. Despite that, CNN asked her back. According to Griffin, the rules are even more strict this year. “This year in my contract, in addition to the stipulation that I have to give my money back if I swear, they also say they are just going to literally pull me,” Griffin said.

Since she’s a comedian, it’s difficult to determine if she was joking in the interview when she said she doesn’t consider her CNN contract “binding.” “I haven’t technically read it,” she claimed. “I don’t consider it to be binding. I’m an artist.”

Whether she believes in contracts or not, she had to live by stipulations in last year’s contract that she forfeit her paycheck for breaking the rules. “I did have to give my payback last year,” she admitted. “I breached my contract.”

In the interview with THR, she was clearly joking when she vowed to defect to ABC’s telecast, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” if CNN yanks her. “If CNN dares to pull me live,” she quipped, “I’ll be walking right over to ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ to give Dick Clark a lap dance!”

As for last year’s f-word, Griffin insisted, “There’s no regret. I only want to go further.”

Watch Last Year’s F-Word Faux Pas:

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Is Kathy Griffin kidding or what?

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