Thanks for the Memories: A ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Photo Album

Sarah Palin's Alaska (TLC)

Sarah Palin's Alaska (TLC)

And then there was one. That’s right, just one more episode left to go for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” – Episode 8 – airing Sunday, Jan. 9, at 9 p.m./8c on TLC (followed by an “extra” one-hour special cobbled together from footage that didn’t make it into the series’ eight official episodes).

It’s been a very interesting seven episodes so far for this historic show – the first time a potential candidate for president and her family has used a reality TV show as a means for giving potential supporters a glimpse into their private life and world. That’s why we’ve devoted so much attention to it over the last seven weeks.

The show has given Sarah Palin an opportunity to take viewers along on a variety of often-rugged adventures throughout her home state for activities familiar to many of her fellow Americans, and unfamiliar to just as many – fishing, hunting, logging, gold-prospecting and camping (with Kate Gosselin).

Here then, as a reminder of how far we’ve traveled so far this season, we give you this “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” photo album:

Episode 1: “Mama Grizzly”

In the first of several fishing expeditions seen this season, Sarah prepares to cast while husband Todd gets ready to reel one in. [Credit for all photos: TLC/Gilles Mingasson]


Episode 2: “Just for the Halibut”

If the previous episode was “Grizzly,” then this second one was grisly, at least for those of us unaccustomed to watching halibut being clubbed to death – in this case, by Sarah and daughter Bristol. Here, Sarah looks over the day’s catch.


Episode 3: “Salmon Run”

One week it’s halibut, the next week it’s salmon. If nothing else, Sarah Palin certainly succeeded in bringing us an up-close-and-personal look at the way Alaska’s natural resources become food for the rest of us, such as in this scene in which Sarah helps “cut and gut” some fresh-caught salmon.


Episode 4: “She’s a Great Shot”

This is the episode that drew the most attention – even more than the camping trip with fellow TLC reality star Kate Gosselin and her eight children. It was the infamous caribou hunt for which gung-ho Sarah donned an outfit of head-to-toe camouflage gear.


Episode 5: “Alaskan Hospitality”

Apparently, some women can hack it in the wild and some can’t. That was the case when the Gosselins came to join the Palins on a wet, chilly overnight camping trip and Kate barely made it through lunch before she bailed. Here, the Gosselins and Palins – including Sarah’s sassy nine-year-old daughter, Piper (standing, right) – get acquainted in the Palins’ warm, dry living room.


Episode 6: “Rafting and Dog Mushing”

No TV show about Alaska would be complete without a look at the state’s signature sport – dog sledding (also known as “mushing”). In this photo, Sarah meets a member of her sled team, an Alaskan husky.


Episode 7: “Logging”

It wasn’t exactly a chainsaw massacre, but Sarah got the thrill of a lifetime when she and husband Todd visited an Alaskan logging camp and the lumberjacks loaned her a chainsaw so she could cut down a tree. The ex-gov turned ax-woman later operated a crane.


And just because, we’ll leave you with this:


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this ground-breaking show and writing about it week after week. And we’ve been just as intrigued by (and grateful for) the passionate reactions we’ve received from everyone to our recaps and critiques. And we’ll do another one, for the last time (unless this series gets a second season), after the Jan. 9 finale.

As always, please let us know what you think.

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