‘Vampire Diaries’: Klaus Is Coming to Town

Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries” fans have been speculating about the so far unseen character of Klaus since his name was first mentioned on the show. What is he like? Who will play him? Who should play him?  Have the show’s creators, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, hired a mad scientist to creates legions of ridiculously, hot talented actors willing to work for CW wages?

This much is known: Klaus is one of the original vampires.  He is so evil that he makes every other vampire quake with fear.  He wants Elena, or one of the other Petrova dopplegangers, so he can kill her and end the curse that prevents vampires from daywalking.  The wiki for the Vampire Diaries books potentially sheds some light on the character — though the television series constantly deviates from the source material.  (For example, Bonnie was a Scottish redhead in the novels.) The site describes Klaus as “Older than the pyramids,” with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.  That sure sounds like Alexander Skarsgard.  Julie Plec, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, reveals that he is one actor who definitely will not be playing the role.  “We like the people on Twitter who are like ‘Alexander Skarsgard has to be Klaus!’ I’m like really? ‘Cause that’s original.”

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Plec does not seem concerned about Klaus’s appearance.  “The big important elements of this character are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise.”  She revealed that a couple hundred actors have read for the role and that they envision the character as looking like he is in his twenties or thirties.  Some actors from England and Australia have sent in great tapes, and Plec is enamored with the idea of casting someone who is not well known in the U.S.  She promises that Klaus will turn up in Mystic Falls by the end of the season.

The cast has no idea who will be playing the role.  In a recent interview, Candice Accola told us, “They keep joking that it’s going to be this eight year-old girl.  I don’t know if he’s older.  I don’t know if he’s younger.  I don’t know if he’s brooding.  I don’t know if he’s quirky.  Nobody knows.”

With those caveats, here are a few actors who might do the role justice.

James Scott:  The “Days of Our Lives” star is the right age, British, and unknown to anyone who does not watch daytime soaps.  He is gorgeous, and tall enough to be physically intimidating.  He plays a menacing yet three dimensional villain so skillfully that most of the audience is rooting for him to fall in love with the woman he has spent the past few years tormenting.  He deserves to be on a show with good writing.

Rutger Hauer: He is way too old for the role, but the “Vampire Diaries” wiki claims that his character in the horror film “The Hitcher” was the inspiration for Klaus. So it only seems fitting that he be under consideration for the role.  The actor is known for playing creepy characters, and deserves better roles than his most recent IMDB credit, Hobo in “Hobo With a Shotgun.”

James Franco: The movie star recently took a role on “General Hospital,” so why not go back to the genre that launched his career, teen television?  He surely would come up with an interesting take on the character then write a bunch of pretentious essays about the experience.

Luis and Daniel Moncada: The real life brothers were terrifying as the silent but deadly Diablo twins on “Breaking Bad.”  If one of them wants to go solo — and proves to be adept at talking– it could be a starmaking performance.   Klaus has not been described as having a lot of tattoos, but he has had thousands of years to keep up with fashion trends.  Plus, the wiki quotes Klaus as saying, “In my earliest memories, I carried a bronze axe.”  That sounds like the ancient version of the Diablos.

Tom Felton: He’s blonde, he’s British, he has been playing the deliciously evil, snobby Draco Malfoy to perfection in the Harry Potter movies for the past decade.  Yet he rarely gets more than a few minutes of screen time in each film.  The 23 year-old deserves a chance at a meaty leading role. It’s high time he branched out from wizards to vampires. It worked out well for his other former Hogwarts classmate, Robert Pattinson.

“Vampire Diaries” returns with all new episodes on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 8/7c.

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