Original Series Star Makes Big, Bad Return to ‘V’

Oh, mother! 'V's Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler (ABC)

Oh, mother! 'V's Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler (ABC)

“V” returns tonight for its second season — after more than seven months off the air — and features a character and actress who haven’t been a part of the “V” world for almost three decades.

The ABC sci-fi reboot welcomes Australian actress Jane Badler for its entire second season as the mother of Anna (Morena Baccarin), the duplicitous leader of the Visitors. Badler reprises her role from the original 1983 miniseries, but this Diana is, she said, “more mature.”

“The more that the character developed, the more it became a separate entity and evolved into a new incarnation,” she told TV Guide.

Diana doesn’t make her appearance until the episode’s closing moments, where we learn that Anna is keeping her mother captive in a dungeon in the mothership that resembles their home world.

The rest of ‘Red Rain’ follows up from May’s season finale, in which Anna unleashed Red Sky –- which did just what it sounds like to the atmosphere -– and the world teetered into war and chaos.

Take a Look at ‘Red Rain’ Unleashed

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Bret Harrison (“Reaper”) joins the cast as a young scientist who has information on the Visitors. He is quickly the target of an assassin sent by Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna monitors Ryan’s (Morris Chestnut) hybrid green baby and promises that: “No one human or Visitor can comprehend the magnitude of what is coming.”

“V” Star Scott Wolf Gives a Preview of Season 2

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For her part, Badler is excited to be back in the “V” universe, even if she had to audition for her part. “When this role came up, they weren’t thinking of me. Can you believe it? They called the character Diana as an homage to the original one, but it wasn’t the Diana. Crazy!” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“I come on as the voice of reason. Although I’m equally as powerful and would probably be as ruthless if I did take control, ultimately I’m a counterpoint to (Anna’s) views –- someone that can have control over her. I’m brought on as a foil for her character,” Badler told TV Guide.

Once she is free from the dungeon, expect her to possibly team up with her granddaughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), and possibly the Fifth Column.

Are you glad “V” is finally back tonight? What do you think about giving Anna a mother? Hit the comments below.

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