‘Hot In Cleveland’ and ‘All My Children’ Plan Crossover Episode

Susan Lucci on 'All My Children' and Wendy Mallick on 'Hot In Cleveland.'  (Photo: ABC/TV Land)

Susan Lucci on 'All My Children' and Wendy Mallick on 'Hot In Cleveland.' (Photo: ABC/TV Land)

Hot In Cleveland” will be cool in Pine Valley – and vice versa.   Last season it was established that Wendie Malick’s character, failed actress Victoria Chase, had a rivalry with “All My Children” star Susan Lucci.   Lucci made a very funny cameo on the show, accepting Victoria’s Daytime Emmy award on her behalf with a bitchy speech that implied that Victoria had botched plastic surgery.

This season, their rivalry will explode onto both shows.  In a conceptually brilliant but hard to explain crossover, Susan Lucci will be joined by AMC stars Darnell Williams and Michael Knight on the February 16th and 23rd episodes of TV Land’s  “Hot in Cleveland.”  All of them will be playing themselves.  Then the character of Victoria will play a bit part on the February 24th episode of AMC.  Wendie Malick as Victoria will play Gertie, a housekeeper who gets fired by Lucci’s character, Erica Kane, and ends up moonlighting as a bartender.

All of the executives involved with the stunt released funny quotes perpetuating the pretense that Victoria is an actual person.  AMC Executive Producer Julie Carruthers said:”We are thrilled Victoria Chase will join the cast of ‘All My Children’ – there are very few actresses who could pull off a dual role performance as BOTH a maid and bartender. We hope she is up to the challenge.” TV Land’s president  Larry T. Jones responded: ““We’re so happy that Victoria Chase will finally get to show ‘All My Children’ fans why she is a soap superstar.” ABC Daytime president Brian Frons managed to throw in an actual relevant business comment: “There is only room for one Erica Kane in Pine Valley, and Victoria Chase will unfortunately find that out the hard way… This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of both shows with similar demos, and we expect each other’s viewers to follow from one show to the next.”

Frons is right.  This is a funny idea that respects the casts and fans of both shows.  It’s reminiscent of AMC superfan Rosie O’Donnell’s guest appearances as a maid on AMC in the 1990s.  The premise of a former daytime star reduced to taking a small role on another soap is even true to life.  Kimberlin Brown, who was one of the biggest names in soaps in the 1990s when she played Sheila on both “The Young & the Restless” and “The Bold & the Beautiful” recently played a judge on AMC.

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