Dr. Drew Pinsky: MTV’s Abortion Special Made Me Uncomfortable

Dr. Drew Pinksy (HLN)

Dr. Drew Pinksy (HLN)

Want to talk about a tough, intimate subject? Dr. Drew Pinsky is your man. Sex? He knows the subject. Drugs? He’s an expert. Rock and roll? Yeah, he even knows music. But his hosting MTV’s recent abortion-themed episode of “16 & Pregnant” almost tripped him up. It was a rough one, in fact.

“The topic makes me uncomfortable,” Pinsky admitted Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena. “But the paradigm there is I felt the conversation was worth having. You have to let the conversation occur.”

Conversation is now the doc’s top priority. Starting March 28, he’ll host his own nightly talk show on Headline News, titled “Dr. Drew.” He plans to be tough, insightful, and if it’s controversial, so be it. “I’m like a prosecuting attorney,” he said of his interview style. “With my background, I know the answers before they do.”

His subjects will come from the world of pop culture rather than politics, or what Scott Safon, Headline News Executive Vice President, calls “newsmakers worthy of the Dr. Drew Pinsky treatment.” Adds Pinsky, “It’s not going to be purely medical or about addiction. I want to apply my head to that material. I want to get to the bottom line. If I can’t interview Lindsay [Lohan], which I would like to do, I’d interview people like her.”

As daunting as it may seem to tack another task onto his already busy schedule – his syndicated radio show Loveline, hosting Vh1’s “Celebrity Rehab,” and his medical practice –  Pinsky’s up for the challenge. “I just love the talk show format,” he said of his desire tackle this new opportunity.  “I’m fascinated by people.”

“Dr. Drew” premieres March 28 on HLN.

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