The Daytime Emmy’s Will Live in 2011

Daytime Emmys Scheduled

Mark your calendars.  There will be a Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony in 2011.  Soap Opera Digest reports that the event will happen on June 19th.  So far there is no information available about where they will take place, what network will air them, or whether the ceremony will again be a showcase for the lamest, oldest acts in Las Vegas or will actually focus on television programming that airs during the day.

Casting news

There are no fans as passionate as soap fans — except for sci-fi fans.  Do not mess with a sci-fi fan. Ever.  Alexa Havins, who did a good job playing one of the most poorly written and unsympathetic characters in soap history “All My Children”s‘ Babe, is joining the cast of cult hit “Torchwood.”  The “Dr. Who” spin-off has already generated controversy about its next season because of perceptions that the British series will become too Americanized thanks to casting changes and a  move from BBC America to Starz.  Perhaps Nathan Fillion can school her on how to cope with a dual soap and sci-fi fanbase.

It looks like neither Stephanie nor Melanie will end up with Nathan on “Days of Our Lives.”  Mark Hapka, who plays the young doctor, is leaving the show.  For months, Melanie pined for Nathan despite her relationship with Philip.  It seemed like now that Melanie knows Philip cheated on her with Chloe she might make a play for him.  With the return of Jennifer to the show, it appeared that the Horton family was on the verge of being revitalized.   So the decision to write off the character of Nathan comes as something of a surprise.

Tonya Lee Williams, who has played Olivia on “The Young & the Restless”  on and off since the 1990s is bringing the character to “The Bold & the Beautiful” on the February 1 and 2 episodes.  Normally, stints that short are nothing exciting.  But it turns out that the fan speculation was right: Olivia is Justin’s (Aaron Spears) cousin.  It’s no coincidence that his last name is Barber.  Could this lead to a resurrection of the family on B&B? Could her MIA son Nate could pop up soon?  TV Guide cryptically teases that Olivia is visiting her cousin for what is a “B&B first.”  Hmmm… what could that be? An immaculate conception? Taylor getting over Ridge? Stay tuned.

Things that I Hated on Soaps this Week:

General Hospital”s‘ Sonny (Maurice Benard) keeps finding new ways to anger me.  I had built up some goodwill after he proposed to Brenda.  But the aftermath of the bus accident brought back the hate.   First Sonny told Abby (Andrea Bogart) her relationship with Michael (Chad Duell) was inappropriate because she was a stripper and Michael could end up violating his parole if he spends time with her.  While Sonny acknowledged that he used to own a strip club, I don’t know how a man who once persuaded a college student who was sexually abused as a child to start stripping, and then gave her drugs and slept with her has the right to pass judgment on a someone who is stripping to put herself through college.

Then, when Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) confided in Sonny that she felt responsible for Alli’s death. (In her convoluted teenage logic, the fact that she encouraged Alli to pursue Michael led Alli to go on the ski trip and get fatally injured. ) Sonny, who is, in fact, responsible for the deaths of dozens of people, could have had an interesting conversation with her about how he manages to sleep at night.  Instead, he brought up Stone’s death.  Apparently Sonny does not feel guilty about the people he has actually killed, or even the time he shot his son in the chest.  Sonny feels really bad about the fact that he couldn’t find a cure for AIDS.  The writers are trying to make us hate him now, right?

So far, David’s (Tuc Watkins) return on ‘One Life To Live‘ is grating on my nerves.  David used to be one of my favorite characters.  But he seems to inspire the writers to turn the camp factor up to 11.  There is nothing funny about David wasting away in a Moroccan prison, but the show is writing it as a farce.  I also hate the way soap characters collectively suddenly start thinking about someone who is about to return.  Rex (John Paul Lavoisier) has had no qualms about letting David rot in a Moroccan prison so that his girlfriend can take an art classes without taking out student loans  (I cannot get over that poorly motivated plot point), until out of the blue he has a nightmare about it.

It was David’s phone call to Dorian (Robin Strasser) that had me ready to go Travis Bickle on my television.   He was aware that Clint had been forging his MyFace status updates, including creepy insinuations that he had a threesome with the Olsen twins — which begs the question: why does Clint know who the Olsens are? So, the first words out of his mouth when he managed to call Dorian should have been, “Clint kidnapped me from our wedding and has me locked in a Moroccan prison.”  Instead, he wasted ten minutes declaring his love and Dorian hung up on him.  That is such stupid writing.

Thing I Loved on Soaps this Week

This is how OLTL made up for the ludicrous David return: a very pregnant Natalie (Melissa Archer), wearing a wedding dress with cowboy boots, pointing a rifle at Marty (Susan Haskell).  Now that’s some good soap.  Asa would be so proud of his granddaughter.  That’s how you take care of the psycho who is out to destroy you.  I liked that Natalie had no intention of killing Marty.  She just wanted to keep her out of town until she had a chance to tell John that he is not the father of her child.  Natalie intends to handle being blackmailed David Letterman style.  If only the rest of Llanview had as much sense.  Then none of Clint’s schemes would work.

On GH, the Balkan called Spinelli an anthromorphized germ. If my enemy’s enemy is my friend, I’m now on Team Balkan.

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