‘Hawaii Five-0’ Gets Nick, Vanessa and A New Detective

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey to Guest Star on 'Hawaii Five-0' (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey to Guest Star on 'Hawaii Five-0' (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo won’t be the only new faces popping up on “Hawaii Five-0.”

The real-life couple will guest star in a February episode as an engaged couple aboard a cruise boat taken hostage by pirates, it was announced Friday.

Executive producer Paul Zbyszewski tells us that Danno and McGarrett also will be joined by a fifth detective during the second half of this season.

“It is not that I think we needed a new member,” he says.  “But I think it would be nice to bring out some things in our other characters.  And sometimes you need a different perspective from a different character to do that.

“It is not uncommon on shows to find that sometimes you are missing this or want to have some more of that.  It is all just part of the normal process of figuring out what would help us story-wise.”

The part has not yet been cast and producers won’t reveal if it will be a male or female, Zbyszewski said as we pried him for scoop about upcoming episodes….

You were given a special time slot right after the AFC Championship game on January 23.  What is going to be special about that episode and why is it a good point to jump in for someone who is not already a regular viewer?
“I think what is great about that episode is it really shows the way our team works together and interacts to solve a case.  It also shows a lot of good small character moments.  It is not just about the crime or the big event of the week.  It is a good example of what we do well.  It has to do with a tsunami.  (Note: Singer JoJo guests in the episode as a woman who goes missing in the storm.  Joel David Moore also appears.)”

“Hawaii Five-0” Books Cook as Danno’s Brother

Dane Cook is guest starring as Danno’s brother in February.  What kind of dynamic will they have?
“That is an episode I am writing right now.  Danny and his brother have a very good relationship.  We are going to get to explore that a little bit and reveal a little bit more about Danny’s family history.  It will be fun to have someone of Dane Cook’s spirit and energy on the show.  We are really looking forward to having him go back and forth and interact with Scott (Caan).  The storyline is not all just going to be played for comedy.  There is a lot of good emotion and drama in that episode that will take place between their characters.”

Is Dane Cook just on for one episode?
“Right now, yes.  I can’t say for the future because, you know, contracts and paperwork. But that is not to say we wouldn’t love to have him back.”

What else can you share about the second half of the season?
“Well, we have now introduced Wo Fat into the ‘Five-0’ vernacular.  And we are definitely going to be seeing more of him.  We are going to be parsing out that story a little bit more and how that has to do with the sort of mythology of McGarrett’s past.  We are going to be seeing more of Rachel, Danny’s ex-wife.  And potential falling of that relationship.  People are going to learn a little bit more of the back story of specifically what Chin Ho did and why.  I think we’ve got a lot of good character stuff coming up.  We are trying to focus on those things.”

Is it all building up to one big event?
“There are specific ideas for the finale and having it lead up to one specific event, but I can’t really say too much about that.  There is a plan in place that puts our characters into some difficult positions and has them facing some difficult decisions.”

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