‘Bachelor’ Brad Says He’s ‘A Cheesy Reality Star’

Brad Womack (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Brad Womack (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

ABC’s “Bachelor” Brad Womack has a pretty good sense of humor about his place in the pop culture food chain: “We are all cheesy reality people,” he says. “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…”

“That’s not to say I don’t take this seriously. I do. But we are surrounded by champagne and helicopters and hot tubs. It can be a little cheesy.”

Three years after shunning every fake boob and bottle blonde producers threw his way – and becoming one of reality TV’s most hated personalities – the 38 year-old southerner is embracing the cheese and finally basking in the glow of a new relationship.

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“I am very much in love,” he tells us. “I can’t say if I am engaged or not. But I can say that is the ultimate goal: marriage, kids and a white picket fence.”

Here’s what else Brad told us when we caught up yesterday in L.A.

Do women come up and slap you on the street?
No. These days it is more like they would want to buy me a beer, which, of course, I would never allow a woman to do. But before? I have heard it all. I have had a drink thrown in my face. People are coming around now. People are becoming more positive as the season progresses.

The girl that you chose, was she the most skeptical of the bunch?
All of the women the first night were skeptical. And rightfully so. But after that every one of them gave me a hall pass. I honestly thought every one of them was going to get back in the limousine and go back home the first night.

Will your wedding be on TV?
I don’t even know if there is going to be a wedding. But that would be all her choice. It is a sacred day. But I have learned to never say never.

Would doing it on TV on ABC make it less sacred?
Of course it would. You have the world as your guest. It should be an intimate day.

What was it about the one you chose?
I didn’t get caught up in the helicopter rides, the over the top dates. And this particular woman was all about that. Every day I would say ‘this isn’t our every day life. I just want you to know it is just going to be football on the couch and pizza and cheap wine. It is not going to be these dates filled with caviar and champagne.’ And she went with it.

Did you date anybody during your three years in therapy?
I went out on maybe seven or eight dates in three years. I dated very, very sporadically. I didn’t want to date. I was getting beat up real badly. I just wanted to focus on myself.

Did you expect people to have such strong reactions last time?
I knew I was going to be put in the hot seat, but not nearly that bad. I didn’t expect to become a downright villain. It was hatred.

Didn’t Jen Schefft make a similar decision when she was the Bachelorette? And she got no grief for it.
She did! Jen is a lucky girl. She escaped the torture. It is sexism!

Is it true you were not aware of much of the drama as it was unfolding?
I watch that show on the edge of my seat. I want to see what happens when so and so does this or that. I love watching it unfold.

Are you afraid that when you see the girl you picked on TV, you will change your mind?
I hope not. Look at my past. My bad behavior has been aired publicly, so if she does something out of character, great. I will go with it.

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