Mom-To-Be Tia Mowry Gets Reality Show

Tia Mowery has the perfect storyline for her upcoming reality show:  a new baby!

The ‘Sister, Sister’ star, 32, and husband Cory Hardrict are expecting their first child later this year, a BET spokesperson has confirmed.

Fans can watch the pregnancy unfold when the actress teams up with her twin sister for ‘Tia and Tamara Take Two,’ which begins two months of filming in March.

We caught up with the glowing mom-to-be in Los Angeles for some exclusive details!

What can you tell us about the show?
It is for Style Network.  We did a pilot and it aired last July.  It just got picked up.  And it is just going to follow us around and show what is going on in our lives.  My sister just got engaged, so we are also going to definitely focus on her wedding.

Are you a little bit nervous?
Well, we are executive producers of the show, so we definitely have control over what we want to be seen and what we don’t want to be seen.  That kind of took away the nervous energy.  So when we saw what the pilot looked like, we were like, OK, this is not THAT bad.  What people have to understand is that you choose what you really want to show.  It is not really reality.  My sister and I, we want to create a brand for ourselves.  People want to see us together.  It looks like now reality shows are pre-requisites for branding yourself.  So we  figured, “Why not give it a shot?”

What kind of branding?  Clothes?  Makeup?
Clothing.  We want to come out with a perfume.  My sister and I already have a voice and we also want to build our production company.  So we want to build that.

We all love seeing you guys together.  You know you may never escape that…
Absolutely.  Eventually we want to produce things that we are not in and have our own production company together.  I am still kind of shocked that people still want to see us together.

Why do you think that is?
You never see that.  We have been in this business since we were 14.  And project after project, people keep wanting to see us together.  At first we just tried to let it go.  But then we did ‘Twitches Too’ and that did so well, we were like, “We would be so dumb to not capitalize on this.”  But I think also fans like how true we are to ourselves.  We have stayed true to who we are since we were young, so they don’t feel like they were given any fakeness.  It is something they can relate to.

What kind of drama will we see between you two?
Well there was some drama in the pilot.  My sister and I see ourselves as like Lucy and Ethel.  We are very different.  I was afraid to fly.  She was flying the plane. She loves to fly.  You see that tension there.  I love the Kardashians, but it is not going to be like the Kardashian show at all.

How much of your marriage will we see?
Just a little bit.  My husband is an actor.  He actually has a huge movie coming out called ‘Battle Los Angeles’ with Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez.  But he doesn’t really want to be known as Tia’s husband.  So he will be popping in and out.  Maybe in one episode you will see him for 30 seconds.

Who is your sister marrying?
His name is Adam Hously.  He is a reporter for Fox News.  They have been together for 6 years.  They are getting married in Napa Valley.  He owns a winery.

Watch a trailer for ‘Battle Los Angeles:’

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