Camille Dishes On Meeting Kelsey’s Fiancee

For a woman who claims she’s private, Camille Grammer Donatacci has sure been making the media rounds as of late. Last Friday she went on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and declared that her estranged husband, Kelsey Grammer, had pushed her into being part of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast. Just this past Wednesday she chatted it up with Howard Stern on his XM Sirius radio show and not only insinuated that Kelsey likes to get his freak on (i.e. cross-dressing)…but also admitted she’s done the humpty hump since her bitter break-up.

And then there was last night’s visit to the Bravo “Watch What Happens: Live” Clubhouse. Pulling her shoulders up towards her neck as if communicating her uneasiness with the subject, the controversial Housewife told host Andy Cohen that she had just met Kelsey’s fiancee, Kate Walsh, for the first time that day.

“It was interesting…” she said, trailing off through clenched teeth, but quickly added: “She was nice…and has a very strong handshake.”

To fan the flames, Andy brought up Kelsey’s plan to show Kate smiling with their kids on “Letterman” later that night. In response Camille half-jokingly remarked that he “uses them as props.”

But blah blah—enough of all that. Giving power to the people, Andy quickly opened up the phones and social media-sphere so viewers could ask Camille what they really wanted to know.

Here are some of those questions and Andy’s questions paraphrased, along with her (mostly super brief) answers:

Q: Do you think medium Allison DuBois was actually talking about you and Kelsey when she attacked Kyle at the dinner party (saying her husband would never emotionally fulfill her)?
Camille: Honestly, I think she was picking up on me, not Kyle.
Q: Do you regret doing the show?
Camille: No, it was a good diversion during this awful time in my life.
Q: Do you have any friends who aren’t on your payroll?
Camille: Yes, many.
Q: Were you ever an escort in your past?
Camille: Never, that’s just silly.
Q: Why do you think you’re better than Kyle?
Camille: I don’t.
Andy: Do you really think Kyle is jealous of you?
Camille: No! It’s not one of my proudest moments!
Andy: What’s up with lip-kissing Nick all the time?
Camille: Nick is yummy; he’s one of my best friends. He’s like family.
Q: Would you consider getting the Millionaire Matchmaker to set you up?
Camille: Maybe.
Q: Would you ever swim in the lady pond?
Camille (initially confused with the term ‘lady pond’): No, I like men.

Did you watch Camille on Andy’s show last night? Do you think she’s making the media rounds to get revenge on Kelsey or is she just trying to clean up her Mean Girl image?

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