‘Idol’s Steven Tyler Is ‘Enamored By’ Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler (FOX)

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler (FOX)

Steven Tyler might have been joking when he said watching Jennifer Lopez in “The Back-Up Plan” clinched his deal to judge “American Idol,” but the admiration the two music superstars seem to have for one another appears genuine.

“[In] March and April, when all the rumblings were going down about, you know, Am I going to do this? Is she going to do it?,” he said on the panel at the Television Critics Association press tour this week. “I saw this movie coming back from the Aerosmith tour from Europe, and it was ‘The Back-Up Plan,’ and I saw Jennifer Lopez be so vulnerable and so real that I immediately thought, ‘I want to sit next to that.'”

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But in all seriousness, he means what he says. He continued, “I saw a vulnerable side that you rarely see in someone of her ilk. Now, she is a rock star of her own and has this persona of being a wild woman. And then I saw that other side of her.”

Tyler chatted up reporters after the session to dish more on his new gig and his relationship with Lopez:

When someone is really good do you give them one of your Aerosmith howls?
Or a scarf. [Laughs]

Were you a fan of the show before?
I didn’t watch it. I really thought that you had to do clubs and so forth to be able to win your ticket. You had to pay your dues. It’s just different. I was a little leery at first and I fell so in love with the way the show works. 100 kids in each city, two days in each city, 50 kids a day and you start falling in love with the ones who make it through and you can’t wait to hear them the next time.

How’s your relationship with Jennifer Lopez?
Great relationship.  I’m enamored by her womanness [sic], how strong she is as a woman and her love for her kids and just everything about her. She’s so street. When someone comes out and makes a fool out of themselves, you have no idea the things we whisper to each other.

How have you maintained such a long career?
You know what? Sobriety? I just celebrated a year last week.

What’s the future of Aerosmith?
We’re just on a break. What people don’t know is we did a South American tour. We did Europe and Germany, France and Sweden and Italy and came back and did the States, and we’re still rocking big time. We have one more album for Sony. We’re working on it the end of January, starting to write songs. We’ve got a tour booked for November, December, South America and Japan. It’s really something that grew up in and of itself because we just never stopped touring, but, no, the band isn’t dead. It couldn’t be dead. And even if it was dead, it couldn’t be dead.

What do your band mates think about this you taking on this job?
You know, I got some stuff from the guys.

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