‘Big Love’s’ Grant Show: ‘I’m Sorry. Three Wives? Not A Chance!’

Grant Show Joins HBO's 'Big Love' (Photo: CBS)

Grant Show Joins HBO's 'Big Love' (Photo: CBS)

Grant Show (“Melrose Place,” “Private Practice“) dished on joining the cast of HBO’s “Big Love” for its fifth and final season, where his character causes some trouble for the already-troubled Henricksons clan — and even gets to belt out a tune by a beloved ’80s hair band.

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“Margene [Ginnifer Goodwin], who last year was working for a QVC kind of channel, is no longer working for them because Bill and the family are out now and she lost her job. I play a networking marketing sales guy, like a big guru, like a goji berry kind of guy, and I bring her in. I provide a little bit more trouble for the Henricksons,” Show told XfinityTV at the “Big Love” premiere party in Los Angeles this week.

Clip: “Big Love” Villains

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When it comes to just what kind of trouble exactly, Show teased, “You know, she’s a young attractive girl, isn’t she?”

So Margene’s getting a little something-something on the side we asked? “I’m not saying that. I’m not saying it.” But the handsome new stranger does give Bill Paxton some cause for worry. “I’ve been a huge fan of Bill Paxton since the ’80s. Getting to work with him in an adversarial way, where I get to step up and get in his face, was really fun,” Show added.

Adding fuel to the righteous fire, Show plays a Latter Day Saints member named Michael Sainte (“I’m not bad LDS. I’m just LDS,” he offered). The character is based on a composite of several Utah marketing gurus, including one key figure named Aaron Garrity, who sings in addition to giving motivational speeches. And so does Show’s character in one episode.

“I never sang before. Ever. I don’t sing at all,” Show confessed. “But I took some lessons and I thought I was really good. I sang it in the studio first and then I lip-synched to myself to “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. It’s a total ballad-y version. I was so bad. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? That’s flat. It’s awful.’ So if I sound good in the show, it’s because they auto-tuned it. That’s why.”

To prep for the role, Show did his homework: “I did as much as I could. I read some books, like Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith [by John Krakauer], which is probably not the most flattering book on the LDS, but that’s what I read. And I went there and I talked to a lot of people, and a lot of people didn’t like the idea that I was coming to this show. I was surprised at how fractioned it is, how many different groups there are.”

As for his thoughts on the polygamist lifestyle?

“I was married for a while [to Pollyanna McIntosh; he only dated fellow ‘Melrose’ star Laura Leighton] and one woman was more than I could handle,” Show joked. “I’m sorry. Three women? Not. A. Chance!”

Show will also turn up again on ABC’s “Private Practice” next season. “I’m going back to do one episode as far as I know. There’s a crisis and Addison [Kate Walsh] has to go home and the rest of the practice comes to support her,” he added.

The season premiere of “Big Love” airs Sunday, Jan. 16 on HBO.

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