‘American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez: ‘I Feel Really Anxious’

'American Idol' Judge Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Fox)

'American Idol' Judge Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Fox)

Will she be a mean? Will she be the sweet one? Will she act the diva? There are many questions on the minds of “American Idol” followers these days, regarding what Jennifer Lopez will bring to that judges’ table when Season 10 debuts this week (Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 8 p.m./EST on Fox).

“You’re gonna have to watch.” That’s what Lopez told reporters earlier this week at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in LA, where she divulged a bit more about what we can expect from this pivotal season of the Fox show.

Here’s what Jennifer Lopez told us:

Are you looking for a triple threat like yourself?
Jennifer Lopez: For me, singing and performing and acting all go hand in hand for me. It’s not something I really think about separating, or being a triple threat. It’s who I am and what I do. You can do all of it, but I don’t recommend somebody who can’t really act, act or somebody who can’t really sing and perform, sing. It has to be in your core. And it’s funny because that’s what this show is about; it’s kind of extracting the people who are really real. It’s like, are these real performers or just someone who has a nice voice? There’s a ton of people out there who can sing, by the way, as we learn from touring the country. But that doesn’t make them an artist. That doesn’t make them somebody that has something to say. That doesn’t make them somebody who can get up on a stage and perform and give people goose pimples or fascinate people where they can’t take their eyes off of them. It’s a lot of different variables.

Are you the judge who comforts the contestants?
JL: No. I wouldn’t say that. I would say that none of us are quite like any of the other judges that you’ve seen before. I mean Steven as well and even Randy has kind of his own new personality. I think it’s chemistry. When you put different ingredients together you get different things. And I think this year we have a style that you haven’t seen before. I’m not anybody from before. I can’t really say I’d be like any one judge. I think I have a combination of qualities that make me who I am and give me a specific style of how deal with the kids and how I dish out the truth. And also dish out the comfort. That’s just part of who I am.

What do you think America will learn about you?
JL: I don’t know. I feel like they know everything. I’ve been around for a while now. I’ve done a tone of interviews and talk shows and things like that and I think people know me through my music and through my films. When people watch a movie, they can see kind of into your soul… maybe just a little bit more of how I am more naturally without thinking about it or having a script or having songs to sing.

What’s the most fun thing about doing the show?
JL: Working with everybody. Working with the guys. And also I get very attached to the kids. I realize when we went away before we did Hollywood week, I was thinking about the kids so much before we back to the Beatles thing in Vegas. I was like, ‘oh my god I hope so and so does good.’ You get involved. You hope that you do great.

What’s the toughest part?
JL: I feel really anxious about cutting half the kids today [Tuesday, January 11]. I’m really not looking forward to it. You want to pick the right ones and you want to really see who are gonna make a great show and at the same time be great artists. But at the same time I feel like we have so many good ones that we’re gonna lose some good ones today and that’s what bothers me.

Do you think being a mom has made you a better judge?
JL: It’s made me a better person.

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