‘Vampire Diaries’ Klaus Clues: He Won’t Be an ‘Old Man’

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

A little bit more of the mystery surrounding the coming of Klaus to “The Vampire Diaries” was solved when series co-executive producer Kevin Williamson dished on what to expect from the Original vamp’s Mystic Falls arrival.

When barraged with the onslaught of How old is he? What does he look like? Is it a newcomer or an established actor? Williamson, at The CW’s Television Critics Association party in Pasadena, told reporters, “I want that really great actor. We’re looking at people that might be familiar to an audience, but more importantly we want the right role, so I’m guessing it’ll probably be someone we don’t know.”

‘Vampire Diaries’: Klaus Is Coming To Town

What we do know is that, according to Williamson, “Klaus was a character who in his history seduced Katherine in Bulgaria. So then imagine someone that would’ve been suitable for her, not an old man.” He joked, “By old man, I mean 31.”

Williamson said he wasn’t exactly sure what episode Klaus will make his much-anticipated debut and that’s because they still haven’t cast him. “There’s about 100 auditions I need to go home and weed through,” he said.

Elsewhere on the show, the Elena/Katherine (Nina Dobrev) dichotomy will continue to take twists and turns. Asked one reporter, we’ve seen Katherine try to pass for Elena, but will Elena try to pass for Katherine? “I think there’s some musical chairs that are going to go on in some fun ways,” he replied, “and in some serious ways. So I do believe, we’re gonna play some more of that. You’ll probably see a little more of that.”

As for what’s in store for the romantic storyline of Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley), he added, “They’re a couple who has conflicts and you got a big one looming and they’re starting to truly disagree on how to handle things.”

“Vampire Dairies” returns from hiatus Jan. 27 on The CW.

Preview The Jan. 27 Episode Below:

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