Joan Rivers’ Opinion on Palin Sparks Feud with Fox News Channel

Joan Rivers (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Joan Rivers (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Joan Rivers is accusing Fox News Channel of banning her after she blasted FNC contributor Sarah Palin, calling her “stupid and a threat” and blaming her for the Tucson massacre.

Rivers laid out her version of the story in a series of tweets this week. “While [daughter Melissa] and I were promoting our new [WeTV] reality show [“Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best”], I made a joke about Sarah Palin that was picked up by [TMZ]. As a result, our appearance on the Fox News Channel tomorrow morning has been cancelled,” she tweeted.

“Outcome: DON’T PISS OFF SARAH PALIN. She’s apparently ‘very powerful,’ and is obviously still smarting from the end of her reality show,” Rivers wrote. She didn’t specify which show she and Melissa had been booked for, but her rep confirmed it was “Fox & Friends.”

Rivers refers to her comments on TMZ as a “joke,” but when you watch the video, you might not conclude she was joking when she made her comments about Palin, after a reporter asked Rivers what she thought of the lightning rod ex-governor of Alaska and TLC reality star.

“I think Sarah Palin is an amazing woman,” Rivers said. But when the reporter asked her if she agrees with those who are casting blame on Palin for helping to provoke the Tucson tragedy, Rivers was emphatic: “They’re right to blame Sarah Palin for the shootings, go look at her Web site…. This woman is encouraging sandbags [sic] to reload? This woman is just stupid and a threat.”

Later, in an interview with Pop Eater’s Rob Shuter, Rivers said FNC can “go f*** themselves.”

For its part, Fox News denies they’ve banned the controversial comedian.

“Due to the volume of news topics tomorrow morning and a full show, our booker mistakenly canceled Joan’s appearance instead of re-scheduling her for Friday’s show,” executive producer Lauren Petterson said in a statement. “We’re in the process of booking her on an upcoming show.”

What do you think? Was Rivers just “joking” about Sarah Palin? Are you buying FNC’s claim Joan was dropped as a result of a “booker mistake”? Or do you think her statements may have had something to do with it?

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