Look Who’s Back: ‘Parks & Recreation’ Returns (Finally!)

Amy Poehler on Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Amy Poehler on Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Parks & Recreation” returns tonight (9:30/8:30c) after an especially cruel 8-month hiatus. When we last saw Pawnee’s finest, the Parks and Recreation department was in shambles after state auditors Ben (Adam Scott) and Chris (Rob Lowe) enacted a total government shutdown. So what can we expect in season 3? A new project – and potential love interest – for Leslie (Amy Poehler)! A mini-horse named L’il Sebastian! And happiness for Tom (Aziz Ansari)? The cast and producers recently spoke to reporters on the show’s Los Angeles set. Below, the highlights:

Amy Poehler On How Leslie Has Changed: “Much of season 3 is devoted to Leslie’s pursuit of resurrecting Pawnee’s Harvest Festival. I think that the show is evolving in that Leslie’s realizing her big dream of building a park is so much harder than she thought it was. So we start Season 3 kind of in triage mode with everyone trying to save their jobs. It’s a little less idealistic.”

Adam Scott On The Chemistry Between Ben And Leslie: “I think that there are things about those two characters that, you know, they have a lot in common but maybe don’t really know it at first, and over a period of time, maybe they start to kind of realize that.”

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Aziz Ansari On Whether Or Not Tom Will Find Happiness: “I think he does. I think Tom, the struggle for that character is he wants to be this guy that owns a nightclub and creates colognes and does all this exciting big city stuff, and he’s in Pawnee, which doesn’t fit that lifestyle at all. But he’s trying his best to kind of make it work, and in this season, he has little moments where he’s able to pull that stuff off. So I think there’s some really happy moments for Tom in this season.”

Executive Producer Michael Shur On L’il Sebastian’s Backstory: “I think that it’s a fairly common phenomenon in small to medium sized towns that there are just unlikely local heroes that spring up. It’s one of those things you see on weird and wacky news on CNN where it’s like, The world’s smallest horse! And you’re like, ‘Why am I reading this and not spending time with my family?’ [L’il Sebastian turns up in episode 7.]

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