‘Fringe’ Goes ‘Back to the Future’ with Guest Star Christopher Lloyd

'Fringe's John Noble and Guest Star Christopher Lloyd (Photo: Fox)

'Fringe's John Noble and Guest Star Christopher Lloyd (Photo: Fox)

When two of the portrayers of great mad scientist characters got together to film tonight’s episode of “Fringe,” John Noble and Christopher Lloyd did not end up swapping views on parallel universes or fourth-dimensions.

But they did have a lot of fun. “We seemed to understand each other instinctively from the time we got on set,” said Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop on the Fox sci-fi series.

“It’s what we all wish for when we come to work,” Lloyd (Doc Brown from the “Back to the Future” movies) said of his “Fringe” experience.

When the series returns in its new time slot Friday, Lloyd guest stars as Roscoe Joyce, the keyboardist for Walter’s favorite 1970s band, Violet Sedan Chair, who has shut himself off from society.

“Then surprising things develop that sort of force him to come out of himself and contend with a new reality,” Lloyd teased.

Fox’s release on the episode says: “Walter will learn the real reason the band broke up, and realize that the lives of these two men, who have never met before, overlap in strange and unexpected ways.”

Noble called Friday’s episode his favorite of the series so far to film. “Probably the best fun that I had (on the series) was doing the stuff with Chris Lloyd because they were these two crazy old guys trying desperately to communicate with each other,” he said.

Sneak Peek: “The Firefly”

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The episode, titled “The Firefly” also features guest star Michael Cerveris’ 26th appearance as the head “Observer,” Noble said. He makes contact with the Fringe Team to rectify a mistake.

“The Observer has the last scene (of the episode) and he says something incredibly telling,” Noble said. “It just shows how much danger and drama there is ahead.”

Noble also promised more episodes this season set in the alternative universe featuring his doppelganger “Walternate,” including scenes that help humanize him and show how he became the cold man he is.

Lloyd said he loved his time on the ‘Fringe’ set, and has no plans to retire. “You just keep going and going until you can’t go anymore,” he said.

“Fringe” returns on its new night Friday at 9 p.m./EST on Fox.

Mystery Man: Who Is “The Observer” Talking About???

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