Liv Tyler Hooked On Watching ‘Idol’ Dad

Steven Tyler on American Idol (FOX)

Steven Tyler on American Idol (FOX)

American Idol” may not have found its singing star yet, but viewers have found a new favorite judge in Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler.

Liv Tyler, daughter of the 62-year-old rocker, is just one new fan of her dad on the show.

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“I was so excited. I’ve never really watched ‘American Idol’ – I had seen it once or twice. I just watched with my girlfriends at home the other night and I had goose bumps for an hour-and-a-half and laughed and loved it!” Tyler told Access Hollywood this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, where she is promoting her new movie ‘The Ledge.”

Watch Highlights From Last Week’s Premiere:

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“I thought it was really special. I think they hit something amazing with the combination [of judges] that they’ve got.”

Tyler and Jennifer Lopez took over for departed judges Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi this season, the show’s 10th. The audience may have been smaller for last week’s premiere – 26.2 million viewers was down 13 percent compared to last year – but the reviews for the new judges, particularly the high-energy, somewhat unintelligible Tyler, have been strong.

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“On Twitter and across the web, Tyler was overwhelmingly hailed as the show’s new favorite judge,” noted. An unscientific poll showed 77 percent of respondents thought Tyler was “great.”

“The night belonged to Tyler,” MTV said. “He be-bopped and scatted all over the show’s two hours, singing along with people, making excited noises, speaking in tongues and hitting on the mostly underage field of women who came through to audition.”

He told one comely contestant: “An Italian with tattoos, I love you already … Where is your pitchfork, you little devil?”

And he freely made up words where real ones would do, telling a contestant with stars strategically placed on her chest: “What’s with the jujubees on your oohoohbees?” (At least it sounded like “oohoohbees”- that spelling is phonetic.)

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Liv Tyler said her dad has always had a loose relationship with the English language. “Trying to translate his texts are really funny,” she joked. “I’m like, ‘Whoa!’… and all in capital letters, but I understand exactly what he’s talking about.”

She said he’s always been funny. “Yeah, he’s very funny. He’s really good at the weird sayings that just come out of his mouth out of nowhere all the time,” Liv said.

For instance, of judging the show he said: “I know why we’re here. We’re all here because we’re not all there.”

Which sounds about right.

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