Billy Bush Completely Loses It On Live TV

by | January 28, 2011 at 3:56 PM | TV News

Access Hollywood Live

Access Hollywood Live

Who knew tea bags were so funny?

Viewers of “Access Hollywood Live” watched a viral video in the making Friday when Billy Bush and co-host Kitt Hoover completely lost it while teasing an upcoming story.

Things took a turn for the hysterical when Hoover read the promo from her teleprompter:  “Oprah and Madonna are crazy for green Tea.  Keri Glassman is here to teach us all the tea bag benefits.”

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Moments earlier, the pair were teary-eyed while discussing the love story of “American Idol” hopeful Chris Medina and his fiancée, who suffered severe brain damage in a 2009 car wreck.

Today marked the 100th episode of “Access Hollywood Live”.  Here’s hoping for many more unpredictable moments!