Final Season of ‘The Closer’ Getting Longer With Six New Episodes

Kyra Sedgwick on 'The Closer.' (Photo: TNT)

Kyra Sedgwick on 'The Closer.' (Photo: TNT)

Good news for fans of “The Closer”: Kyra Sedgwick’s farewell is shaping up as the longest good-bye in the history of television now that the end of the show is getting pushed all the way ’til summer 2012.

That’s because TNT and the show’s producers have just agreed on a plan to make an additional six episodes. That means that, instead of closing out “The Closer” some time around the end of this year, as previously believed, the show will be sticking around for an additional six months or more.

Here’s the background:

Sedgwick and TNT announced in December that the upcoming seventh season of “The Closer” would be the last, with the series’ final episodes probably airing in the fourth quarter of this year. Plans then called for the final season to consist of 15 episodes.

Case Closed? ‘The Closer’ Announces Final Season

Here’s the story:

Now, however, the six new episodes will bring the final-season total to 21. “The extra episodes will give the final season of ‘The Closer’ time for extended storylines and a rich ending, giving the series the conclusion it deserves,” said a TNT rep, confirming a story about the additional episodes on Entertainment Weekly’s Web site.

The TNT rep declined to comment on other aspects of the EW story, including the scenario EW lays out for the scheduling of “The Closer’s” final episodes – 10 episodes this summer, five next winter and the additional six probably in summer 2012.

Most tantalizingly of all, the EW story reports that the final episodes of “The Closer” will set the stage for a spinoff with the working title, “Major Crimes.” On “The Closer,” Sedgwick plays L.A. Police Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, overseer of the department’s “major crimes” unit. The final episodes of “The Closer” might introduce a new central character to replace her, EW said, though details seem sketchy.

A “Closer” spinoff would also be good news for “Closer” fans because it could mean that some of the show’s most popular characters might get carried over to the new show. Stay tuned.

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