‘Grey’s’ Actress Is A Serial Virgin

Sarah Drew of 'Grey's Anatomy' (Photo: ABC)

Sarah Drew of 'Grey's Anatomy' (Photo: ABC)

Sarah Drew is kind of an expert on virgins.

She played one for two seasons on The WB’s “Everwood,” remained one until her wedding night in 2001, and now, as Dr. April Kepner on “Grey’s Anatomy,” is once again looking for that special someone to share her first time with.

“The plan, as far as I know from the writers, is that it is going to be a really beautiful thing,” the baby-faced actress tells us.  “It is going to be a sweet love story and she is going to hang on to her virginity for a while.”

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So who’s the lucky guy?

“No one is even telling me who I am going to end up with,” Drew, 30, admits. “But there is an interest that sparks in the next episode. Someone takes an interest in April and it is really quite wonderful.”

Naturally, we pumped her for more details…

It looked like April is starting to get hot for Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers)?

“She had a moment in episodes 7 and 8 where she gets kind of jealous of him being all in to the new med student.  So that is there a little bit, but they are not fully playing that out yet.”

What would you personally tell April about getting involved with him?

“I would shake her and say, ‘Are you kidding me?  Did you honestly want to lose your virginity in an on-call room with a dude that has slept with half the hospital?'”

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You seem to enjoy playing the virginal girl-next-door.

“Well, I love this storyline just because I waited until my wedding night to lose my virginity.  And a lot of my friends have as well.  Some of my friends are my age and are still virgins.  So for me, I think it is a beautiful story to tell.”

How do you know so many virgins?  Do you belong to a club?

“It is just something that we were all sort of raised to believe — that you wait until you are married.  I have a friend who is in her mid thirties who isn’t married yet and is still a virgin and is wanting to do what she believes is right to do.  So she is hanging on to it.  I think for the most part, it is people who are associated with Christianity in some way.  I am not sure I know any virgins who are not committed to their faith.”

Did it make dating difficult for you?

“I met my husband when I was 18.  He was my first love.  My only love.  I had two other boyfriends that lasted for like two months in high school.”

And he waited for you?

“He was 25 when we got married and he waited too.”

So now that you have been the good girl so many times, are you ready to bust into some sexier roles

“Oh, my God!  I want to play a prostitute or some sort of femme fatale, bad-ass, coke-snorting, dark, dangerous… I would love to break out of this mold.  But I do love playing innocent, new love.”

Have you suggested to (show creator Shonda Rhimes) that maybe during April’s first time she gets pregnant?

“That would be hilarious!  It would be so awful for April.”

So we will get to hear you sing in the “musical episode”?

“I am actually recording my songs this afternoon.  I am not singing any solos, but I am singing some duets and trios.  I am not allowed to say what I am singing.  Shonda [Rhimes] made it very clear at our last read through.”

What happens if you slip up?  Does she come to your house and poke you with a stick?

“That is exactly what happens!  And I don’t want to be poked with a stick.”

Is the episode going to be like “Glee” in a hospital?

“No!  I read the script last week and I seriously cried three times and had chills the whole way through.  Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt) said it really well.  It is really a love letter to the fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  Recognizable songs that they love with the characters they love singing them.”

You have a musical background, right?

“Yes.  I grew up doing musical theatre and I lead worship at my church.  I also just started a musical theatre club that meets at my house.  We meet and sing musical show tunes.  We meet once a month and pick one musical to sing through.  Everyone is drinking wine and eating food and singing show tunes.  It is a room full of the most wonderful musical theatre geeks you have ever met.”

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