Ousted ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Ashley: ‘I Was Emotionally Drained’

Ashley S. on The Bachelor (ABC0

Ashley S. on The Bachelor (ABC0

The little Southern Belle with the big syrupy sweet personality, Ashley Spivey stole “Bachelor” Brad Womack’s heart at the beginning of the season, winning the First Impression Rose.

However, once Brad chose the 26-year-old nanny to be on the dreaded two-on-one date with her BFF Ashley H., her “inner demons” took over and inevitably plucked her out of the running from eternal rosebud heaven.

The North Carolinian-turned-New Yorker explained her emotional state then and where she is now:

Would it be accurate to say you were feeling pretty defeated going into the two-on-date with Ashley H.?
I would say that you’re right. I was defeated only because I think my issue even going into the show was I had always felt like I had to convince people to be in relationships with me…[the date] was more about defeating my own personal demons and the fact that I was going on a two-on-one with my best friend in the house. It was just an awful situation.

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Since we didn’t hear much of your dinner conversation, was there any indication that you were going home?
I’m actually kind of upset that they didn’t show a lot of the dinner conversation because I think it would have shown the viewers more of maybe why I was sent home.

I made a comment where I said, ‘no matter what happens after this dinner, I’m going to be brokenhearted if Ashley H. gets sent home.’ And after I said that, I could kind of tell that [Brad’s] mood changed. Before he walked me to the limo, he sat me down and said that that question bothered him because then it made him think that I wasn’t just there for him; he didn’t want me being so concerned with other girls in the house.

And I don’t think that’s wrong, I’m not trying to throw him under the bus—however, that’s my personality. I’m a nanny…I care a lot about other people; I take care of other people all day long.  That was one thing I hadn’t anticipated going into the house – that I would love the girls as much as I did.

Looking back, would you have done things differently?
I wouldn’t have gone into it feeling so defeated because you could probably tell that I just completely wasn’t into it. And another thing that really got me down about the date is we were having to dance. And as much as I hate singing, I hate dancing just as much. So I was completely out of my element, and I’m sure you all know Ashley H. is a dancer.

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Considering you’re only 26, and Brad is 38, do you think he may have been a little too old for you and some of the other contestants?
I think that even though some of us are on the younger side, there’s certain things that we have been through that I think that has made us old souls in a way.  I know that Emily is one of the younger ones, she’s 24; however, she’s been through a horrible tragedy that makes you grow up.

And I would say I am, too, [mature] in a lot of ways. I feel like I’m kind of goofy and high energy and a lot of people take that as being young sometimes. But I’ve dealt with my father’s death, and when he passed away, I had to become executor to his estate.

I think that while we might seem young, there are a lot of ways that we’re more mature than other girls our age. So I don’t necessarily think that that’s a hindrance in any of the girls falling in love with Brad.

For the remaining girls in the house, who do you think is the best for Brad?
I think Ashley H. and Emily have the strongest connection with him.

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Rumor is you got rose tattoos with Ashley H., Lisa, and Marissa during your week in Vegas. Any regrets?
I’m still perfectly OK with it. I hadn’t had any tattoos prior to the experience, and it’s something I had always wanted to do. I couldn’t figure out anything better than commemorating this experience.

What was it like to live with Michelle?
Prior to this, I had no idea she was saying that in the interviews, like the comments she made about Ashley H. and I—how she wanted to split us up. She never acted that way towards me in the house. She was an absolute sweetheart—she even did my hair for most of the rose ceremonies.

So I love her…I don’t know if she’s just playing a character or if she knew that if she acts a little crazy, she gets more screen time. Honestly, she’s a sweetheart and how she’s being portrayed on camera isn’t the real Michelle.

Are you in contact and still friends with Ashley H.?
I haven’t been able to [be in contact] just because of our contract, but I hope we’re still friends because I think she’s one of those people that I’ll be best friends with for the rest of my life.

Have you dealt with your inner demons and gotten your mojo back?
Yes, definitely. I felt really defeated that night, and honestly, when I got back from the show, I kind of went into hiding for like two weeks. I was just completely emotionally drained after that.

So then I was just like, I’ve just got to get back out there, and you know, get my confidence back up because no one likes a sad sack. I’d say now I feel really good about myself. My confidence levels are high, and I’m ready to get back out there.

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