Are Headline Puns The Best Part Of ‘Traffic Light’?

Traffic Light (FOX)

Traffic Light (FOX)

Fox’s new romantic comedy “Traffic Light” premieres tonight at 9:30/8:30c. The series, which intercuts the lives of three couples at different stages of their relationships, is getting mixed reviews.  The Hollywood Reporter calls it “transcendent” and “enormously funny,” while The New York Times cautions, “Put that piping hot cup of coffee back down on your desk before you run out of the office to go home and set your DVR.” But it’s everyone’s amazing headline puns which are the true shining lights here.  A sampling of the best below:

“No Need to Turn for Traffic Light” [New York Daily News]

“Traffic Light Puts Breaks On Laughter” [Boston Herald]

“Light Is Off” [New York Post]

“Don’t Stop For Traffic Light” [Albany Times Union]

“Traffic Light Malfunction” [Hartford Courant]

And the winner for most optimistic headline: “Traffic Light Starts With A Flash Of Possibility” [The Boston Globe]

Watch a preview of “Traffic Light” below:

[iframe 580 476]
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