‘Biggest Loser’ Hot Topic: Arthur Game Plays, Infuriates Both Teams

Arthur on The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Arthur on The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Despite the Valentine’s Day-themed episode on last night’s “Biggest Loser: Couples,” none of the contestants were feeling much love towards Arthur, the heaviest member on the ranch.

After the two groups were forced to trade in their colors and become solely Red vs. Black Teams, Arthur made a foolish game play to help keep his father, Jesse, on the ranch for at least two more weeks.

Whatever did he do? He inhaled 35 chocolates to win a temptation challenge and in turn, switched out the strongest players from his (now) Black Team, Jay and Jennifer, in exchange for the weakest members from the opposing Red Team, Sarah and Denise. Say what?!

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In his myopic mind, Sarah and Denise would serve as the “sacrificial lambs” (i.e. be voted off) that week by his team, assuming that they’d lose the weigh-in to the Red Team, which was populated with big beefy dudes who were in the habit of sloughing off crazy amounts of pound-age.

Although his winning the temptation and making the switcheroo could’ve been kept a complete secret from everyone, for some doofus reason, Arthur openly confessed that he was the culprit.

Big mistake. “Karma’s a b-tch,” warned Jay, with his sentiments being echoed by the angry grunts and looks of disdain on everyone’s faces. Nobody wanted their team members switched, and now Arthur just planted an unnecessary target on his back.

But thankfully for Mr. Game Playah and his Black Team, karma didn’t turn bitchy last night—in fact, it actually brought on a welcomed surprise! With an unprecedented mostly double-digit weight loss by each individual, the Black Team—consisting of all women sans Arthur and Jesse—won the weigh in! Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’mms!

Arthur may have saved his father for at least another week on the ranch, but as for himself, he’d better start pulling in much bigger numbers because being above the yellow line is the only way this Playah won’t get played!

The “Biggest Loser: Couples” airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8/7c.

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