Charlie Sheen Scandals Leave ‘Two and a Half Men’ Fans Unfazed

Charlie Sheen of 'Two and a Half Men' (Photo: CBS)

Charlie Sheen of 'Two and a Half Men' (Photo: CBS)

No matter how many drugs Charlie Sheen allegedly does, no matter how many porn stars he’s reportedly tied to, “Two and a Half Men” continues its ratings success as CBS’ cash cow. But why?

Lawyer: Sheen Plans to Head Back to Work in Two Weeks

In a new nationwide poll of 700 Americans ranging from age 13 to 59, The Hollywood Reporter discovered some serious Sheen support. It turns out 82 percent of women and 76 percent of men say they’ll continue watching the show regardless of Sheen’s debauchery and personal issues.

THR‘s poll, conducted Feb. 6, also found:

►26 percent of the people surveyed view Sheen in a “much more” or “somewhat more” favorable light after hearing about his recent trip to the hospital.

►90 percent of Sheen’s and the show’s “avid fans” don’t consider the actor’s substance abuse problematic as long as he does his job.

►96 percent of viewers wish for Sheen to return to “Two and a Half Men.” Just 4 percent want him to quit.

Our other favorite statistics include 56 percent thinking the show should address Sheen’s real-life problems, 59 percent believing Sheen isn’t quite acting but more playing himself and 62 percent saying the media should lay off.

A friend of the 45-year-old actor’s recently told PopEater’s Naughty But Nice Rob Shuter, “If the ratings go through the roof again, as they did after Charlie’s incident in New York … Charlie will be out [of rehab] again in no time and back to his old ways. However, if the public finally stops rewarding Charlie for his bad behavior, then, and only then, can you expect him to take the situation seriously.”

The latest news is that Sheen will return to “Two and a Half Men” by the end of February.


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