Diane Sawyer Tells ‘Glee’s Sue Sylvester to ‘Watch Out’

ABC News' Diane Sawyer, 'Glee's Jane Lynch (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images/Fox)

ABC News' Diane Sawyer, 'Glee's Jane Lynch (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images/Fox)

Now this is how you handle getting called out in a nationally televised joke. (Ahem, note to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.)

Diane Sawyer has fired back at fictional Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester (hilariously played by Emmy winner Jane Lynch) following the mention of Sawyer in the post-Super Bowl episode of Fox’s “Glee.”

In the scene, the caustic coach is talking to ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor Katie Couric (the real one, in a fun cameo), who was interviewing Sylvester for being nominated ‘Loser of the Year.’ “I hate you, Diane Sawyer,” Sylvester says.

So in response, the real Sawyer closed her Monday broadcast of “ABC World News Tonight” with a warning: “Watch out, Sue Sylvester. Watch out.” The Huffington Post noted the “feud” today.

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Sawyer followed that up with a tweet to Sue Sylvester: “@S_SylvesterGLEE it’s on. As a frm rejected Seneca JV wanna-be cheerleader I’ll meet you in the gym – bring the cannon.”

Not the kind of stuff you’d see, say, Dan Rather doing, but a nice move nonetheless.

Sylvester — who, we remind you, is not a real person -– fired back with: “Bring it on, Diane Sawyer @ABCWorldNews. Your next gig will be hosting “Good Morning Emergency Room.”

And here we always thought Brian Williams was the funny one.

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