‘Idol’ Top 40 Leaked, Sick Contestant May Have To Quit

Paul Mcdonald, Casey Abrams,  Chris Medina and Jaycee Badeaux on American Idol. (Photo: Fox)

Paul Mcdonald, Casey Abrams, Chris Medina and Jaycee Badeaux on American Idol. (Photo: Fox)

It isn’t exactly WikiLeaks – but an unconfirmed list of “American Idol’s” Top 40 contestants is making its rounds on the Internet.

An official field of 40 won’t be announced for weeks, but according to joesplaceblog.com many fan favorites have already made the cut, including Chris Medina, who became an overnight phenomenon by dedicating his emotional audition to his wheelchair-bound girlfriend.

Also in the projected field is Tennessee native Paul McDonald, who announced yesterday on Twitter that he has a node on his vocal chord and may have to bow out of the competition.

“Bad report at the doctor…sinus infection and I have a pretty serious node on my left vocal chord. Awesome,” the 27 year-old wrote.  “The only fix is to not talk for a few months or surgery. It’s all good!

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The blog – which is registered to an anonymous user in Scottsdale, Arizona — has been posting spoilers about the singing show for years.

“It has had a pretty amazing record over the audition period each year of predicting who makes it through to Hollywood,” notes Richard Rushfield, author of American Idol: The Untold Story.

“The record hasn’t been perfect but certainly its good enough to suggest they have a very good source somehow involved in the auditions.  Oddly, their information seems to dry up after Hollywood Week, suggesting their source is just involved with that part of the production.”

While the leaked information is frustrating to producers and executives at Fox, it has little impact on the shows massive audience, which topped 25 million again last week.

“Obviously they’d like to keep their secrets secret,” Rushfield says. “But in the end, spoilers have become a part of Internet culture and people know to read them at their own risk.

“Also the suspense in the auditions and Hollywood week isn’t what it is later on, when the audience is voting and giving us surprises.  90 percent of the time its pretty obvious, and generally hinted at through the editing, which its going to go for each contestant.”

The show wraps up auditions tonight before heading to Hollywood.

Watch Chris Medina’s Heartbreaking Story:

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