‘Perfect Couples’ in Harmony with Relationship Realities?

'Perfect Couples' (Photo: NBC)

'Perfect Couples' (Photo: NBC)

The new NBC comedy “Perfect Couples” doesn’t feature any men trying to get away from their wives or women harping that their husbands are idiots.

“Our mantra often was ‘We’re not a beer commercial,’” explained star Kyle Bornheimer (who actually has some experience starring in a beer commercial).

Bornheimer’s character Dave is married to Julia (Christine Woods) and they make up the healthiest couple on the show. “The couples are partners on the show, best friends. When they meddle in each other’s business it’s with the best intentions,” Bornheimer said.

He said the show comes from a “much more positive place” that is often found in romantic TV comedies.

Hayes MacArthur is Rex, who along with Olivia Munn’s Leigh makes up the couple who thinks they have all the answers. “Rex is a reformed party guy and ex-jock who now is really excited about being in a relationship,” MacArthur said. “He’s taken all this competitive energy and put it into his own life and making his marriage work.”

Each episode addresses a different aspect of a relationship. This week’s addresses jealousy.

The writers have already borrowed liberally from the stars’ lives, according to Bornheimer, and the actors have found ways to get their other talents on air.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Amy) had ten years of gymnastics training that she gets to show off in a future episode, and Woods’ singing is featured.

“Hayes has accuracy throwing a dead animal with a shovel,” Bornheimer offered, promising it’s not as gruesome as it sounds.

When they’re not filming, the cast is a bunch of “hams” that tries to crack each other up. Munn is a particularly easy target, according to Bornheimer.

Although Bornheimer thinks all of the relationships featured on the show are generally more solid than those usually found on TV, the father of two, including a newborn, seems to have a more practical take on relationships.
“If ‘soul mate’ can be defined as anyone who will put up with your s—for prolonged periods of time, that’s a soul mate to me,” he said.

“Perfect Couples” airs at 8:30 p.m. Thursdays on NBC.

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