Daytime’s Biggest Soap Stars Tell All To Oprah

Susan Lucci on Oprah (HARPO)

Susan Lucci on Oprah (HARPO)

Wednesday, “All My Children’sSusan Lucci, Michael Knight, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan, “General Hospital’sTony Geary and Genie Francis and “The Young & the Restless’sJeanne Cooper joined the true queen of daytime television, Oprah for an episode titled Legendary Soap Stars.  The two big draws were seeing Lucci share the stage with all eight of the actors who played Erica Kane’s husbands and Geary and Francis together again for the first time since 2006.

Though the show was mostly a mutual love letter between Oprah and her favorite soap stars, some interesting information was revealed:

+ Susan Lucci’s memoir, entitled All My Life, will be released March 29th.

+ The actress admitted that she had rhinoplasty at age 47, deeming it as a “nose management” to repair an injury from a car accident she was in when she was only 19.

+ Lucci also gave viewers a peek at her house, which, while large, is far more understated than Erica’s mansion.  She revealed that she keeps her Daytime Emmy on her living room mantle. The biggest luxury item that she let the cameras see was a complete Pilates gym with multiple reformers.  She also allowed herself to be filmed without makeup as she washed her face.  Lucci claims that her youthful appearance is due entirely to frequent exfoliation, exercise and good genes.

+ Lucci seemed truly surprised and thrilled to reunite with her co-stars, some of whom she had not worked with in over twenty years.

+ In contrast, Tony Geary and Genie Francis seemed somewhat uncomfortable together. In the episode’s most awkward moment, Oprah asked them if they had ever dated.  Geary pointed out that in the hey day of Luke and Laura, he was in his thirties while she was still a teenager.  It would have been not only inappropriate but illegal.

+ Geary did discuss his former relationship with Elizabeth Taylor, who played Helena Cassadine on GH during the 1980s.  He claimed they were romantically involved for two years.

+ Francis stated that she has no interest in returning to GH unless the writers agree to portray Laura as a strong, funny woman with an agenda.  She said, “There’s nothing in me that’s willing to play a victim anymore.”

+ Williams and Morgan are extremely close friends.  Williams even gave Morgan away at her wedding last year.

+ Morgan admitted that she cried the first time she watched Jesse and Angie’s 2009 reunion at the train station, to her husband’s amusement.

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