Exclusive Preview: Girl Eats Cigarette Ashes On ‘My Strange Addiction’ Finale

Bianca on My Strange Addiction (TLC)

Bianca on My Strange Addiction (TLC)

In its first season, TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” introduced us to a glass eater, a blow dryer fanatic, a fur suit fetishist, and one woman who gobbled toilet paper. But none of them compares to the disturbing addiction we’ll see in Wednesday night’s finale.

In it, viewers are introduced to Bianca – see the exclusive preview below – a young girl who ate pottery but then graduated four years ago to cigarette ashes. “Pottery just wasn’t gritty enough for her,” explains her sister, Amika, whose cigarettes provide Bianca, a non-smoker, with her ashes.

“I like the way they dissolve on my tongue,” she says after licking an ashtray.

“You know it’s not edible, right?” Amika asks. “Yeah, which kind of makes it more satisfying,” Bianca responds.

TLC Renews ‘My Strange Addiction’

For Dr. Mike Dow, the show’s resident addiction expert, Bianca’s ash addiction was the season’s most extreme. “When people see the cigarette ash stuff, they’re going to be really grossed out,” he tells us. “It’s going to be one of those moments when you go, ‘Really?'”

Dow admits he struggles with overcoming his gag-reflex on the show. “I always try to separate the human part of me and the doctor part of me,” he says. “Sometimes the human part of me is really grossed out and wants to gag, but the therapist part of me is always looking for the compassion, the understanding, and the clinical relevance of a behavior. Usually the therapist wins out.”

The season finale of “My Strange Addiction” airs Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 9/8c on TLC.

Preview tomorrow’s finale below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/My-Strange-Addiction-/141745/1797462356/Bianca/embed 580 476]
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