New On DVD This Week: Top Gear, Rain Man, Murphy’s Law, Hoodwinked, Unstoppable

Top Gear

Top Gear 14‘ features six episodes and introduces the best of the best in the automotive world – including an Aston DBS Volante, a Ferrari California and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The team travels to Romania in search of the greatest road in the world, and the series is capped by the annual Top Gear Awards ceremony where the lucky winners are announced for “Injury of the Year” and “Car of the Decade.” The Top Gear team also gets a hand from some celebrity friends, as director Guy Ritchie and actors Eric Bana and Michael Sheen show off their driving skills in the “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car” segment. In ‘Top Gear 15,’ Jeremy asks why there aren’t more three-wheeled cars in the world and investigates further with a closer look at the 1980s British novelty, the Reliant Robin, and James attempts to drive a Toyota Hilux pick-up up the side of an active volcano in Iceland. Over the course of the season’s six episodes, Top Gear plays host to special guests Rupert Grint, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Jeff Goldblum, F1 ace Rubens Barrichello, and, of course, The Stig. Buy the Season 14 Blu-ray here and the Season 15 Blu-ray right here.

Rain Man

Following the death of their father, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) discovers he has an autistic brother named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) and now the two are on the cross-country trip of their lives. Nicknamed ‘Rain Man,’ Raymond pushes hot-headed Charlie to the limits of his patience and then pulls him completely out of his self-centered world. But what began as an unsentimental journey for the Babbitt brothers becomes much more than the distance between two places; it’s a connection between two vastly different people and a poignant, profound and powerful film. Among its eight Academy Award nominations, ‘Rain Man’ won Best Picture, Best Actor (Hoffman), Best Director (Barry Levinson), and Best Original Screenplay. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Murphy’s Law

Featuring a maverick Irish cop taking on the London crime world, ‘Murphy’s Law‘ returns with the DVD debut of Series 3. Award-winning actor James Nesbitt delivers another powerhouse performance in the hit BBC crime drama about an undercover cop with a troubled past and nothing left to lose. Taking on the biggest challenge of his career, undercover cop Tommy Murphy (James Nesbitt) poses as a hit man to bring down a London crime boss and cop killer. He goes deeper underground than ever, faking an assassination, putting his life at risk, and sabotaging a complex, costly police operation in pursuit of a bigger prize. The story builds through all six episodes, each darker than the last, as Murphy walks the line between deception and detection. A man with a tragic past, he has already lost friends, lovers, even his own daughter. Now he’s in danger of losing himself. Buy the Series 3 DVD right here.


Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman, Granny and The Wolf become unusual suspects in the delightfully entertaining ‘Hoodwinked,’ now available on Blu-ray. Featuring the voices of Hollywood headliners including Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway, Oscar nominee Glenn Close and Jim Belushi, is a clever new take on the classic children’s story “Little Red Riding Hood.” An innocent girl who’s not so innocent, a big bad wolf who’s not so bad, a sweet grandmother who’s not so sweet and a lumberjack who doesn’t know jack become the center of an investigation by a detective who is determined to uncover the real events behind a shocking crime sure to become the world’s biggest mystery. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.


With an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train barreling toward a city, all hope rides on the shoulders of two courageous men to prevent a catastrophe. Hang on for the ride of your life as Oscar winner Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (Star Trek) team up for the year’s most electrifying action-thriller ‘Unstoppable.’ A runaway train, transporting deadly toxic chemicals, is barreling down on Scranton, Pennsylvania and only two men can stop it: a veteran engineer (Washington), and a young conductor (Pine.) Thousands of lives hang in the balance as these ordinary heroes attempt to chase down one million tons of hurtling steel and prevent an epic disaster. Helmed by visionary director Tony Scott (Man On Fire), this story inspired by actual events delivers excitement and suspense that are…’Unstopable!’ Buy the DVD right here.

Bill Moyers: In Search of the Constitution

Seen on PBS, ‘Bill Moyers: In Search of the Constitution‘ is now available on DVD. Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist, Bill Moyers presents this series of absorbing interviews with legal scholars, Supreme Court justices, and ordinary citizens exploring the Constitution’s history and continuing legacy. Broadcast in the late 1980s, the program features spirited, thought-provoking debate on constitutional interpretation and its place in American life with such esteemed subjects as Supreme Court justices William J. Brennan, Harry A. Blackmun and Sandra Day O’Connor. This riveting collection explores how this brief text has shaped our nation and holds the power to change our lives. In American history, no document has sparked as much reverence, discussion, and controversy as the Constitution. But how does it really affect our everyday lives? How do ordinary citizens, legal scholars, and Supreme Court justices interpret it? Join Bill Moyers for this 11-part series – originally produced to mark the Constitution’s bicentennial – that delves into the fascinating history and contemporary relevance of the ultimate law of the land. In-depth interviews with a wide range of experts—including four Supreme Court justices, educator Mortimer Adler, legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin, and Judge Robert Bork—provide not only rich historical detail, but also illuminating insights on current disputes. Buy the DVD right here.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who‘ had a year for the ages in 2010 with a new lead writer and executive producer in Steven Moffat, a new Doctor (Matt Smith) and a new companion. This creative fusion yielded a remarkable reboot for the beloved drama series that buoyed it to unprecedented heights – record ratings on BBC America and scintillating reviews. ‘A Christmas Carol‘ follows newlyweds Amy and Rory as they are trapped on a crashing space liner. The only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, Kazran Sardick. But is Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve? Buy the DVD right here.

Dungeons & Dragons

The imaginary world of the most popular fantasy role-playing game ever comes to life in the special-effects-filled adventure ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ In the Empire of Izmer, magic is the key to power in both the supernatural and political realms. The Mages are a sect who know the secrets of magic and use it to hold sway over the masses. The youthful Empress Savina wants to use her powers to bring justice and prosperity to all, but Profion is an evil Mage who wants to use his knowledge of magic to overthrow Savina and establish his own despotic rule. Through deceitful means, Profion wins away the special scepter that allows him to control the nation’s Golden Dragons; Savina’s only hope to recover the scepter and the rule of Izmer is to obtain the Rod of Savrille, a talisman that will give her powers over the Red Dragons, even more powerful than their golden counterparts. As Savina sets out to gain control of the Red Dragons, she gains a number of unlikely allies. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


Playing in a rock-’n’-roll band and saving the undersea world from diabolical villains? An impossible task for most, but not for ‘Jabberjaw,’ the 15-foot talking great white shark from the fan-favorite Saturday morning cartoon series. The year is 2076 and ‘Jabberjaw’ is the star of the Neptunes, a teenage rock group. In his spare time, Jabberjaw, along with teens Biffy, Shelly, Bubbles and Clamhead, fight deep sea crime. But its tough down there for a shark. Jabberjaw must also contend with the robot force of “Shark Ejectors,” guards who prevent sharks from entering into underwater cities. All he wants is a little respect! Catch the tidal wave of adventure, music and laughter in this 4-Disc, 16-Episode Series Collection. Buy the complete series at

Bill Moyers: World of Ideas-Writers

From the Peabody Award-winning PBS series comes ‘Bill Moyers: A World of Ideas – Writers,’ now available on DVD. Celebrated journalist Bill Moyers (PBS, NBC, CBS, Newsday) speaks with some of the world’s leading literary voices—from science fiction writers to Broadway playwrights—in this collection of articulate and insightful interviews on wide-ranging conversations about life, art, and contemporary issues. The DVD 4-vol. boxed set features interviews with 13 celebrated literary figures, a special bonus disc featuring recent interviews with Alice Walker, Isabel Allende, Barbara Kingsolver, and Doris Lessing, a 16-page viewer’s guide, and more. Writers give voice to the thoughts, dreams, and discontents of our times. Join Bill Moyers as he engages “people with ideas and vision and insight” (The New York Times) for mind-opening discussions. Participants include Nobel Prize winners Toni Morrison and Nadine Gordimer, sharing their thoughts on moral imagination in storytelling; pioneering journalist and novelist Tom Wolfe, discussing Wall Street and neighborhood politics; and acclaimed writer and thinker Isaac Asimov, talking about science and social change. Buy the DVD right here.

Everyday Black Man

An ordinary man is forced to return to his former violent past to protect his beloved community and daughter from a con man seeking to destroy everything he holds sacred in Carmen Madden’s ‘Everyday Black Man.’ Timed for Black History Month, this festival favorite is now available on DVD. Extras include deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes featurette. Since closing the door on a criminal past, quiet and thoughtful Moses Stanton spends his days running a small neighborhood store, and watching over his daughter Claire. When a young man, Malik, arrives claiming to be a black Muslim that wants to do good for the neighborhood, Moses takes him on as a partner and Claire is instantly swept off her feet by this charming young spiritual leader. But Moses soon realizes that Malik is nothing but a drug dealer seeking to destroy the neighborhood and Claire. Now, Moses must become again the violent man he used to be in order to save his beloved community and his daughter. Buy the DVD right here.

The Fugitive

Wrongly convicted for murdering his wife, Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) escapes from prison the night before his execution in the classic series ‘The Fugitive.’ A fugitive on the run, Kimble must prove his innocence and find the man who killed his wife before the police find him. Find out how it all ends and buy the Season 4, Volume 2 DVD right here.

Felicity: An American Girl

Meet Felicity Merriman, a 10 year-old girl who’s as spirited and independent as the American colonies she lives in. For the first time ever, Felicity comes to life on screen in ‘Felicity: An American Girl Adventure,’ a full-length live action movie based on American Girl’s best-selling books. When Felicity meets Penny, a beautiful copper colored mare, she knows with all her heart that she must free Penny from her cruel owner. Felicity desperately wishes for that same sureness of heart about the rumors of revolution swirling through Williamsburg. Felicity’s father believes that the colonies should be free form England’s rule, but her beloved grandfather and her best friend Elizabeth both support the king. With fiercely conflicting loyalties dividing the colonists, something as simple as a cup of tea could divide Felicity from her best friend forever. As Christmastide draws near, Felicity struggles to hold her family and friends close, and to find ways for love and friendship to rise above the growing conflict. Buy the DVD right here.

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Sunday In New York

Before she became a great star and a two-time Academy Award winner, Jane Fonda was a screen ingénue who sent a string of bubbly romantic comedies soaring, including the charmer ‘Sunday in New York‘ from the prolific pen of Norman Krasna (Bachelor Mother). Fonda portrays a virginal miss blessed with long limbs and a knockout profile who runs off from her fiancé (Robert Culp) to the swingin’ pad of her brother (Cliff Robertson) and then into the arms of a guy she meets on the 5th Avenue bus (Rod Taylor) — all the while trying to decide if she’ll say “yes” before she says “I do.” Filmed on location, Sunday in New York is a fun, sophisticated romp set to a hip Peter Nero score that features Mel Torme singing the title tune. Buy the DVD at

Glorious 39

On the eve of World War II as the formidable Keyes family tries to uphold their traditional British way of life, eldest daughter Anne (Romola Garai) sees her life dramatically unravel when she stumbles upon sinister, secret recordings of a pro-Hitler appeasement movement in ‘Glorious 39,’ the Hitchcockian thriller from Stephen Poliakoff. Anne Keyes (Garai) is an attractive young woman who is enjoying modest success as a film actress; she’s also the adopted daughter of Alexander Keyes (Bill Nighy), a career politician and Member of Parliament. Anne still lives in the family home with her father, mother Maud (Jenny Agutter), budding diplomat brother Ralph and socialite sister Celia (Juno Temple). One night, Hector (David Tennant), one of Alexander’s friends, stops by for dinner and during a heated conversation makes no secret of his disapproval of prime minister Neville Chamberlain and his efforts to appease Hitler’s Nazi regime. Later that evening, Hector is found dead of an apparent suicide. Anne, however, begins to suspect foul play when she finds a set of phonograph records that document conversations of men discussing state intelligence secrets. When Anne ties to share this discovery with others, they’re soon found dead as well. Buy the DVD right here.

Last Tango in Paris

The ‘Last Tango in Paris‘ Uncut Version stars the legendary Marlon Brando as Paul, a middle-aged American who goes to Paris after his estranged wife commits suicide. During a chance meeting with the alluring Jeanne (Maria Schneider), Paul enters into a sadomasochistic, carnal relationship with her, indirectly attacking the hypocrisy all around him through his raw, outrageous sexual behavior. Groundbreaking and controversial, the film was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Actor (Brando) and Best Director (Bernardo Bertolucci, The Last Emperor). ‘Last Tango in Paris’: Uncut Version features the original explicit edition. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


Fall under the delightful spell of ‘Moonstruck,’ with Cher as an unlucky-in-love Italian widow who finds romance through the intervention of the Manhattan moon. With her wedding to Johnny (Danny Aiello), a man she doesn’t love, just weeks away, she meets and falls hopelessly in love with his younger brother (Nicolas Cage). Her dilemma—and her equally passionate and hilariously eccentric family—make for an unforgettable film. Nominated for six Academy Awards, ‘Moonstruck’ was honored with accolades for Best Actress (Cher), Best Supporting Actress (Olympia Dukakis), and Best Original Screenplay. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie

The perfect anti-Valentine’s Day film, ‘National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie,’ stars Emmy nominated actors Christopher Meloni and Robert Klein, as well as the hilarious duo of Mario Cantone and Adam Ferrara. Determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of making a movie filled with the dirtiest, most offensive jokes ever told, outrageous producer Charlie LaRue (Meloni) enlists the help of a wisecracking writing team to pull together a script. Rounded out by their assembled cast of award-winners, the movie within a movie emerges with one foul joke after another, and one writer is set to be crowned king of dirty comedy. Buy the DVD right here.

Stag Night

Stag Night‘ brings to life a truly horrific tale of the New York City underground and is now available on DVD. When a group of friends head to the city for a bachelor party, they stall in an abandoned subway station. The group soon finds themselves the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers living in the tunnels discovers them. Buy the DVD right here.

William S. Burroughs: A Man Within

A tender and vibrant portrait of the life and work of a Beat Generation icon, ‘William S. Burroughs: A Man Within‘ breaks the surface of the troubled and brilliant world of one of the greatest authors of all time. Burroughs was one of the first writers to break the boundaries of queer and drug culture in the 1950s. His novel “Naked Lunch” is one of the most recognized and respected literary works of the 20th century and has influenced generations of artists. Buy the DVD right here.

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu

Mankind is threatened with extinction, and it’s up to three geeks and a salty sea captain to prevent disaster in the uproariously frightening ‘The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu.’ Bored office drone Jeff is informed by a mysterious elderly professor that he is the last living descendant of H.P. Lovecraft, the revered author of such horror/fantasy classics as The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Re-Animator and the Cthulhu Mythos stories. Jeff is thus the only person who can prevent a race of evil creatures (drawn from Lovecraft’s imagination) from wreaking havoc. The mild-mannered Jeff must protect an ancient relic and prevent it from falling into the clutches of the monsters, which would bring about the release of all-powerful evil known as Cthulhu. Jeff enlists the aid of his co-worker Charlie and a husky Lovecraft aficionado, Paul and together they put their slacker lives on hold to embark on an icky and hilarious mission to save the world. Along the way, they get some help from an a sea captain with a fish-boy son – and discover that Lovecraft’s horrific monsters, including a T-shirt-wearing reptile man, are far from fictional. Buy the DVD right here.

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