Off The Map Stars Preview Hook Ups & Gross Outs

There will be blood.  And amputations. And kisses.  And misunderstandings.  At a press event on the show’s set, the cast of “Off The Map” revealed spoilers about the drama that will unfold the rest of this season.

Bizarre Love Triangle:  Ryan and Ben and Lily

A quick review of the story so far: Ben has an on and off relationship with Ryan.  He also has a comatose wife. Lily, who was developing quite a crush on Ben, learned both of these facts last week.  Her mind was blown, along with the audience’s.  So what’s next for this most unusual romance?  According to Rachelle LeFevre, who plays Ryan, “Ryan and Ben have an interesting, really complicated relationship for many reasons… He has his wife, who is on life support, and that’s obviously complicated which is revealed more.  But Ryan has her own issues and her own reasons for not being able to commit fully.  One of the things that I really love about the way that it develops is that they really want to be together but neither of them are really honest about the kind of commitment they’re capable of. It’s not one sided.  It’s not one person breaking the other person’s heart. It’s really two people who sort of can’t figure it out… Sometimes people are like magnets.”

As for Lily and Ben, LaFevre says, “Certainly there’s a meeting of the minds. There’s a connection. She talks about having lost her fiancé. He’s obviously sort of lost this wife so they definitely have a connection.  It actually develops in quite an interesting way.”  Caroline Dhavernas (Lily) suggests that Ben and Lily’s relationship will remain platonic — for now. “I think he’s a very busy man.  I think Lily is seeing that and understanding that as much as she respects him and is curious about him.  We’ll see what happens. She did meet this smart, cute guy at the bar.

Watch Mina Keeps Her Patient Alive:

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Henderson explained Ben’s complicated motives for keeping his wife alive via life support. “I really believe in my heart of hearts that he feels that while she’s still on the planet that there’s a chance that she may be revived. I don’t think he believes that she’s in a permanent state. I think he thinks it’s a temporary thing and that at some point she’ll come back. I don’t think that he can let go of her. I really think their relationship was a very, very deep bond and it was her idea initially to come down and set up this clinic,so in many ways he’s left alone carrying on the dream that she initiated.  So symbolically, she kind of is the clinic to him. So his whole life is about her in many, many ways.  For him to let go of her, obviously there’s the pragmatic outlook: she’s funding the place and then it would be problematic. But you know, he’s a grown man. He’s smart. I think he would come up with other ways of financing it.  It’s as much emotional as it is practical, but it is a quandary and I think it keeps him up at night and probably why he drinks a lot and he’s very obsessed with doing what he does.”

Otis and Zee: Friends Without Benefits?

Otis and Zee’s burgeoning romance hit a snag in last week’s episode.  Zee thought they were embarking upon a committed relationship, but in Otis’s mind they were just having sex.  Will they manage the transition from friends to lovers?  Jason George defended his character Otis’s point-of-view. “Women get very upset about the we’re just having sex speech.  I don’t understand that. I’m kidding. But it’s a genuine thing. If you start getting busy, nothing’s been expressed and there wasn’t a relationship before you started getting busy… This was we’re friends and then we’re having sex, so neither of them quite know what it is.  Without it being stated, the assumption is it’s just sex.  It’s blowing off steam.  Guys think that anyway.”

‘Off the Map’s Hawaiian Set Evokes ‘Lost’ Memories

Valerie Cruz reveals that Otis will come to realize that his relationship with Zee is about more than sex. “Without giving too much away, I think it gets complicated.  There’s time apart and there’s time together.  We navigate and negotiate what it’s going to be.  It gets complicated and it’s interesting and it’s fun.”

Tommy and… Mina?

Womanizing Tommy fell hard for villager Alma despite their inability to speak each other’s language.  According to Zach Gilford, he will soon realize that the right woman for him might just be the one who seems immune to his charms. “I think Tommy is kind of initially loving life and going wherever the wind may blow. Then he actually makes an effort to try and forge some significant relationships. First it’s with a local girl that he meets down here, but they have a language barrier so it’s all about actually trying to forge a connection with someone.  Then eventually he starts looking at what’s closer to him and falling for forbidden fruit… Tommy keeps getting shot down by Mina, so that kind of fuels his fire. He really needs to prove something to himself.”

Watch Zee Catches Tommy:

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Ryan’s Past Is Revealed

All viewers know about Ryan is that she is a medical nomad, moving from clinic to clinic.  According to Lefevre, everybody will be shocked when they learn Ryan’s secret.  “In the seventh episode, the cat’s out of the bag.  The only thing I’ve said about that is if I’ve been playing her properly, if I’ve been doing my job right, is that it’s totally going to come out of left field. It’s going to be the last thing you expect given the way that she is sort of instinctively and physically.”

Otis’s Addiction Is Explored Further

Last week, viewers learned that Otis’s sobriety is so fragile that he will not let his dentist use anesthesia.  In future episodes, Otis’s tragic past will be explored.  According to Jason George, “Otis is ex-military.  There’s a reason why he’s ex-military.  The addiction is a key part of that.  Otis is good at what he does.   To have that all get screwed up and tossed away, very possibly because someone in his life [was] lost, you’re not so much running from that as running for the rest of your life to find redemption.  You’ve got to find some way to live with the mistakes that you’ve made.”

Justina Machado Will Play Charlie’s Troubled Mom

In the season’s penultimate episode, Charlie (Jonathan Castellanos), the clinic’s youthful translator, will reunite with the mother who abandoned him, and discover that she is schizophrenic. Justina Machado (“Six Feet Under”, “Three Rivers”) will play the role.  It’s a moment of truth not only for Charlie, but for his surrogate brother Tommy.  Gilford explains, “It’s a tough position for [Tommy] because he is like a little brother to him and also his best buddy.  He learns things from him.  It hurts him a lot because he believes that he can help his mom, that he can do his little buddy a favor, then realizes there’s nothing he can really do.  It’s pretty tough. And not only realizing that but breaking the news to him.”

Castellanos adds, “It’s a big story for Charlie and Tommy because they’ve been like brothers since the beginning.  All this stuff happens where they’re involved and we find out more about their backstory.  You find out a little in the beginning of the season and then this episode happens an d you find out why [his mother] left him.”

Upcoming Medical Carnage

So far, “Off the Map” has featured tourists caught in ziplines and insect-related priapism.  This week’s episode will feature an underwater amputation.  Cruz previews, “We have a scuba episode that involves some blood and gore underwater.”

A future episode will feature a helicopter explosion with multiple casualties.  Henderson teases, “There’s multiple carnage in that. We have lacerations. We have internal injuries. We have broken bones. I think there’s a couple people on the helicopter who were being medi-vacced and were already in a fragile state so that whole episode is rather intense in terms of how many people need to get taken care of.”

Another episode will explore the dangers of paragliding. Says George, “A couple of paragliders had an accident while paragliding.  Somebody’s hand ended up inside of somebody else.  That happens occasionally.  So we are doing the clinic’s first hand surgery.”

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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