Supercomputer Is New Superstar as ‘Jeopardy!’ Ratings Rise

TV has a new megastar and his name is Watson.

The brainy supercomputer developed by IBM is capturing the nation’s imagination this week on “Jeopardy!” -– generating record ratings and correct answers while trouncing the two human contestants who, until now, were the planet’s most formidable “Jeopardy!” players.

Day Two of this week’s three-day “IBM Challenge” on “Jeopardy!” scored a 9.5 rating on Tuesday, its best ratings since May 2005, according to Sony Pictures Television, syndicator of the venerable quiz show. The numbers represent an increase from the 8.7 the show scored on Day One – on Monday – which was the best number for the show since February 2007.

Viewers who tuned in on Tuesday saw Watson handily defeat “Jeopardy!” champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The IBM superbrain ran away with the game in Tuesday’s Double Jeopardy round, answering question after question (always in the form of a question, of course) with calm, cool efficiency.

The humans have one more chance to redeem themselves on Wednesday’s show (check local listings).

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