Endangered Shows: Which Ones Might Not Make It to Next Season?

'Off the Map,' Chuck,' 'The Defenders,' 'No Ordinary Family' (Photo: ABC/NBC/CBS)

'Off the Map,' Chuck,' 'The Defenders,' 'No Ordinary Family' (Photo: ABC/NBC/CBS)

It’s not too early to begin wondering: Which of your favorite shows are in danger of cancellation? Network execs are already sifting through producers’ pitches for next season’s new shows, and taking a look at the ratings for their existing series as they begin planning the new fall lineups they’ll announce in May.

The result of that process: Something’s gotta give. Will it be one of your faves? Check out our list of endangered shows, which we compiled from our own analysis of the numbers:


“Chuck” (NBC): Look, we love Zachary Levi and the gang from “Chuck” as much as anyone, but you have to wonder how long NBC can continue to tolerate this show’s mediocre ratings (5.478 million total viewers this past Monday) and, even worse for demo-crazed NBC, its subpar delivery of 18-49s.

“The Cape” (NBC): See “Chuck” above, only “The Cape” is doing worse. One thing you can say about “Chuck”: Now in its fourth season, it’s at least been around long enough for some people to have really fallen in love with it. Not so for “The Cape.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for “The Cape” to be renewed.


“No Ordinary Family,” “V” and, possibly, “Detroit 1-8-7” (ABC): Michael Chiklis and his super-powered family better figure out a way to get the ratings up for “No Ordinary Family” or it’s a goner. Each of these three shows drew fewer than 5.5 million viewers this week, which doesn’t bode well. However, the gritty, urban “Detroit 1-8-7” could work if its lead-ins weren’t science fiction. If ABC can find a way to schedule it on a night with other cop shows -– “Castle” perhaps –- it could get a reprieve.

“Parenthood” (NBC): With 5.11 million viewers in its most recent outing this week, this show is not delivering. The problem? Well, changing this family’s name from “Buckman” –- as they were called in the original Steve Martin movie –- to “Braverman” for the TV show could be a factor, but that’s just our personal opinion.


“Off the Map” (ABC): This jungle-based medical drama from “Grey’s Anatomy” producer Shonda Rhimes isn’t catching on. Maybe it’s one prime-time medical soap opera too many. Or maybe it’s just not compatible with the ABC sitcoms that precede it.


“Community,” “Perfect Couples,” “Parks & Recreation,” “30 Rock,” “Outsourced” (NBC): The question for NBC on Thursdays remains: Do you stick with this relatively low-rated slate of comedies or jettison some or all of them? Certainly, “Outsourced” and the newer “Perfect Couples” are the most likely of them to get the boot before next fall, but can you believe that the vaunted, award-winning, critically acclaimed “30 Rock” at 10 p.m./9c drew only 4.59 million viewers its last time out? If you’re NBC, you can always make the case for continuing to remain in business with the likes of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As for “Community,” it’s an on-the-bubble show if there ever was one.


“Fringe” (Fox): Now seen on Fridays, “Fringe” attracted just 3.74 million viewers its last time out. Is this enough to save a show this expensive to produce?

“The Defenders” and “CSI: New York” (CBS): Both of these shows were recently shifted to Fridays, where TV audiences are generally smaller –- which was not exactly a sign that CBS retains confidence in them. Not too long ago, “The Defenders” seemed so promising. And CBS has never cancelled a “CSI” –- yet. However, both of these shows have targets on their backs.

What can you do? Well, if you’re a Nielsen household, start watching these shows more. If you’re not, start praying.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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