Former ‘Bachelor’ Aaron Buerge Files for Bankruptcy

Aaron Buerge of 'The Bachelor' (Photo: Scott Gries/ImageDirect)

Aaron Buerge of 'The Bachelor' (Photo: Scott Gries/ImageDirect)

Way back in 2002 on the second season of “The Bachelor,” Aaron Buerge thought he found love and proposed on-air to elementary school psychologist Helene Eksterowicz—a few weeks later, he changed his mind and dumped her at a New Jersey Starbucks, reports (Talk about getting the jitters.)

But these days, the banker and restaurant owner has had to deal with getting dumped on—not by a woman—but rather by something arguably more painful to a manly man’s ego: a bank!

Pressured to payback a loan from a bank that crashed in 2008 faster than he could afford, Aaron resorted to his break-up skills once again and filed for bankruptcy. However, he reassures everyone that he and his business is fine.

“I’m not broke,” he tells People. “I’m not in financial distress—nothing like that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be paying everybody.”

He adds: “We’ve been making payments…every month, but they’ve just been pushing to come after some private assets that I might have,” he says.

So how much is at stake? Records show that his assets total $2.3 million against liabilities of $9.3 million. Among the properties is a wedding ring he exchanged when he got hitched to new wife Angye McIntosh. She’s listed as co-debtor.

The couple married in 2009 and have an 18 month-old daughter. Aaron says that becoming a daddy has changed his perspective on which battles are worth fighting.

“I’m more focused on my family than on continuing to pay to fight the lawsuit for who-knows-how-long,” he says. “I’m a family guy now. That kind of changes a guy’s priorities in life.”

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