Oh, They Worked It: The Kardashians Made $65 Mil Last Year

We were already convinced that Kim Kardashian’s colossal backside buttercups—and her ability to shake them into moneymakers—were the eighth wonder of the world, but when word got out via The Hollywood Reporter that she and the rest of her famous-for-being-famous reality clan grossed a whopping $65 million last year, three words exploded from our mouths: What da hell-age?!?!

Self-proclaimed “momager” Kris Jenner, who takes a 10% cut for her services, explains her family’s fortune in this way: “We’re just this big family with a lot of drama and a lot of issues, and there’s someone here for everyone to relate to.”

And that “relating to” to the masses seems to be the Kardashian manifesto for raking in the dough.

Check out some of the silliest and outrageous ways uncensored reality siblings Kourt, Khloe, and Kim have helped make their fam into an entertainment phenom.

– Tweet-le Dang! Kim charges companies up to $25K per tweet to mention their products on her Twitter page.

– Acc-sexorize. Silly Bandz recently came out with a Kardashian Glam Pack for those who’ve been dying to wear the famous sisters’ lips and bodily curves on their wrists! (Makes no sense to us, but just go with it! The Kardashians did.)

– The Bootylicious in the Flesh. If you want Kim to come to your party, she’ll be happy to stop by—at a fee of $100K – $250K. But that’s just a domestic figure. For those of you who live abroad, she might charge up to $1 mill.

Watch Kim Gets Waxed:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Keeping-Up-With-the-Kardashians/98654/1624810169/Kardashians-Bonus:-Kim-Gets-Waxed/embed 580 476]

– For Beauty Fiends Who Can’t Google. Lifestyle and beauty book Kardashian Konfidential became an overnight best seller—and why not? With unprecedented beauty tips like slathering Vaseline once a week on ashy feet (thanks, Khlo!) and putting your hands on your hips to make your chunky arms look slimmer (aww, thanks, Kim!), you might just turn into a glamorous Armenian princess yourself!

– Post-Partum Depression…of the tummy that is. After Kourt gave birth to lil Mason, she inked a deal to be the spokesperson for Belly Bandit, a contraption that claims to shrink your post-pregnancy muffin top.

– What Happens in Vegas [Should Never Have Happened] in Vegas. The Mirage is opening the first-ever “celebrity destination” store where you can find products that the Kardashians have endorsed (does that include Vaseline?). Aside from newly incoming beach towels and Kardashian bottled water, visitors will also be given hotel room keys featuring images of the sisters and be able to work the slots with their bronzed-out faces staring right at you! (We’ve officially moved from Cheesy to Creepy Land.)

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