‘The Bold & the Beautiful’s Fashionable New Credits

B&B’s Grand Opening

The Bold & the Beautiful” unveils a brand new opening credits sequence on February 21.  The concept is simple and elegant: all of the characters have gathered for an epic fashion show. The sequence uses CGI — which has not been used effectively on daytime in the past — to turn a few extras into an audience of hundreds.  B&B released a video to TVGuide that shows  all three of the opening sequences that the show has had since its debut and explains how green screen technology was used to create the new sequence. Amazingly, the original opening from 1987 looks fresher and more contemporary, in my opinion, than any of the current ABC soap openings.  The new opening looks fantastic. I would say it’s as good as an expensive primetime opening, except most primetime shows have gotten rid of their opening credits.  Not only is it well directed, it tells viewers what the show is about: the fashion industry. It’s a contrast to all of the other newer soap credit sequences, which have stripped away each soap’s identifying symbols and replaced them with generic headshots.

B&B has shown that it is possible to create something that is both attractive and easy to update as necessary when actors join or leave the show.  The glossy titles set B&B apart from other soaps and helped sell it as a primetime show internationally. According to the series executive producer Brad Bell explained why he decided to it was time for new opening credits. “We want to let viewers know that our show is all about experimenting, not only with our storytelling but with our image. We want to be known as a show that’s thinking outside the box.”

Mixed Emotions

I am conflicted about the fallout from the extremely interrupted double wedding on “One Life To Live.” On one hand, I am so sick and tired of Jessica’s (Bree Williamson) DID alter ego Tess coming out every time Jessica experiences emotional trauma. It was a  trashy, offensive plot device the first time it was used by then headwriter Dena Higley. Now, with a far superior writer crafting the show, I do not understand why OLTL keeps revisiting Jessica’s alternate personality. I would much rather see a mentally stable, righteously angry Jessica grappling with the news that the man she loved fathered a child with her twin sister.

On the other hand, Tess’s return means there was an explanation for why Jessica was wearing what was quite possibly the ugliest wedding dress in soap history.

jessica wedding dress

It was not a deliberate attempt to look like a wedding cake. It was a so it could be ripped apart and turned into a trampy Tess dress.  How smart of Jessica to anticipate her nervous breakdown while shopping for a wedding dress. I cringed when Tess encountered the cheesy scum that is unfortunately her baby Daddy: Ford (David Gregory).  Then I cheered, when Tess turned into the voice of the audience, or at least the voice of me, by letting Ford know that she did not buy the redemption act that the show has spent months selling us.  When Ford whined that he needed to get to Langston so they could have their Valentine’s Day sex date, Tess retorted, “Oh, your little teen queen. That’s what you’re into, right, seducing young girls. You were only interested in Jessica when she thought that she was 17. It’s easier to get them into bed, right? Talk about chamber of horrors.”  It’s funny because it’s true.

Tess also revealed that she, not Amnesiac Jessica Who Thought She Was 17, was the personality that slept with Ford. “I was locked up for a year and a half to wake up with this waxed gorilla on top of me. It was the worst 30 seconds of my life.” Ha!

I would like to stipulate that Tess only be allowed to emerge to insult Ford, preferably in conjunction with Brody (Mark Lawson) hitting Ford. Unfortunately, it looks like we are headed for a Ford-Tess alliance, since she has offered him access to Ryder in exchange for doing her bidding. This is not only gross. It’s unimaginative.

I have similarly mixed feelings about John (Michael Easton) and Kelly’s drunken, we’ve just been betrayed by the loves of our lives, one night stand. Must Kelly be chemistry tested with every single man in Llanview? Gina Tognoni is a great actress, but Kelly has floundered since she returned to the show, with her latest quest to get Joey back not proving much more exciting than her brief flirtations with Todd (Trevor St. John), Rex (John Paul Lavoisier) and that random British guy. Hooking her up with John comes out of nowhere, even if it does continue Kelly’s tradition of sleeping with Blair’s exes. The contrived fight with a bunch of bikers that led to the two of them ending up in a motel room together tried way too hard to be funny.

On the other hand, it toppled John off his high horse. How can he continue to condemn Natalie for getting drunk and sleeping with Brody because she believed her relationship was over now that he has just done the same thing? Granted, if he doesn’t lie about it or impregnate Kelly, it will be a different situation. However, John seems to be every bit as angry with Natalie for having sex with someone else before they got back together as he justifiably is for her lying to him for months about being pregnant with his child. Now he will have to admit that rebound hook-ups are not a mortal sin.

Two Y&R Actors Cast In Pilots

The likelihood that the character of Ryder will return to “The Young & the Restless” as has been recently rumored just diminished. Bethel was the only bright spot in the Lauren Lookalike storyline. It would have made sense for Ryder to return to town and resume his affair with the increasingly unhinged Jana.  According to Deadline, the actor who played him, Wilson Bethel, was just cast in a major role in the CW pilot “Hart of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson as a New York doctor who moves to a small southern town. His character is described as a, “Bad boy southern fisherman,” which is certainly unique. Genoa City may also have lost its legal eagle Vance for good. Apparently appearing on “Celebrity Rehab” was not career suicide for Eric Roberts. He just scored the lead in the soapy sounding ABC pilot “Grace”, which is described as, “A dysfunctional family drama set in the world of professional dance.” Roberts plays Michael, “A famous choreographer who tends to sleep with his dancers and has three daughters with different mothers.”  I truly, sincerely want to watch this show.  Plus, if it gets picked up the intriguing Leslie (Angell Conwell) can continue to handle Genoa City’s numerous legal issues.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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