Adrian Pasdar Is ‘Castle’s New Hero

Adrian Pasdar on Castle (ABC)

Adrian Pasdar on Castle (ABC)

Monday, “Castle” airs part one of an intense two part episode that has Beckett and Castle grappling with their biggest case yet: a terrorist plot with the potential to destroy New York City. They are also dealing with another threat: a hard-nosed Homeland Security agent who is determined to take over the case from America’s favorite mystery writer and police officer crime solving team. “Heroes” and “Profit” star Adrian Pasdar, who plays humorless HSA agent Mark Fallon, explained why he was thrilled to appear on “Castle,” how the case brings Beckett and Castle closer together, and how he and Nathan Fillion bonded over an inappropriate iPhone app.

Tell me about the character you are playing on “Castle,” Mark Fallon.
As written, the character was an entirely fictional creation by [executive producer] Andrew Marlowe. As played, it was based on a very real person that I know. It’s a combination of the best of both worlds, I think: imagination and reality. To be able to bring a guy like that into a set like “Castle,” especially one that’s so well-defined by Nathan [Fillion] and Stana [Katic], Jon [Huertas], Seamus [Dever] and Ruben [Santiago-Hudson], it’s nice. Because it’s somewhat polarizing. It makes everybody go to where they have to be, to where they live, in that little corner, including me. We all kind of run for cover into who we are in the first episode. The second, we come together. It’s a very interesting process. It doesn’t happen a lot on TV. That’s the one shot that I think guest stars are given, to be able to flesh out characters in a show by their very presence. That’s kind of what we did.

Who is the real person that inspired your portrayal?
I can’t tell you. I can’t say a name. A former FBI agent is a friend of mine. I had the great opportunity and fortune to spend some time with [the FBI] and some time at Quantico.

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Tell me about the case Mark Fallon is investigating.
It’s an echo of what happened in New York during 9/11. There’s a potential threat to the city in the form of a dirty bomb that needs to be stopped and the people who have gone to great lengths to fashion this bomb need to be found and they’re missing.  That’s the set up. The first episode is about finding what it is we’re looking for and the second episode is about finding the people who made the bomb and then obviously trying to find the bomb before it goes off. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think you’ll find that New York doesn’t blow up. Smarter minds could probably handle it better, but I don’t know any other way to say that “Castle” will be on the following week.  But it’s about the process of finding something that could possibly take down New York.  In terms of what’s going on emotionally, [Castle] and [Beckett] go through some stuff.  Professionally, I come in as a DHS agent to a precinct in New York. I’m kind of a foreigner coming in to school them on how to get stuff done.  I’m kind of the outsider. There’s the requisite tension that happens from that. It’s very well put together.

Beckett calls your character a douche. Is that accurate?
No! Here’s the thing. In the middle of the second episode, just when they think they’ve got Mark Fallon figured out and know why he’s such an a–hole, [Ryan] comes in with a little bit of information that thoroughly explains who Fallon is and why. If you judged him before, you’ll feel guilty. It all becomes very clear why he’s doing what he has to do to protect the people he’s going to protect. It’s really, really well written.

You and Nathan Fillion both starred on cult shows on Fox that were canceled before their time. Did you bond over “Castle” and “Firefly”?
We bonded more on a purely male level. We really just started getting along the second or third day. Fart jokes became huge. I think that’s a pretty good sign between boys when things are going well, when they start making fart jokes. There’s a [fart noise] app Nathan has on his iPhone that’s actually really funny if you’re, like, twelve. He makes it very well known to the gang on the stage. It’s very funny. We started bonding from that. It took off from there and became summer camp humor. We get along very, very well.

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How does the sexual tension between Castle and Beckett escalate in this episode.
They get put together in a situation where they can’t get out, literally. It’s a room [where] they can’t get out and they’re forced to deal with what’s going on between them, what might go on between them, what has happened. It’s a somewhat polarizing effect that Mark Fallon has on the two of them, and they’re forced to become more of who they are. Without giving away too much, you know how the show works. If they were ever to cut the tension… but I think it gets as taut as it could possibly get.

Will we see you on future “Castle” episode or on a new television series next season?
As far as another TV show, I’ve never really based anything on pilot season. Now [opportunities] are endless, with cable and all the shows. I’m very happy cable is the medium that I’ve chosen for the past ten years. Obviously, having little boys at home I don’t want to go away for three months and make a movie. If I find something good that I love, I’ll do it. If not I’m going to sit back and wait and cherry pick things like “Castle.” I am not in any hurry. I’m very fortunate to have been included in the show “Castle.” It may continue. There’s a very good chance that might happen.

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