Real Life Medical Drama For ‘Grey’s Actress

Chandra Wilson on The Doctors (CBS)

Chandra Wilson on The Doctors (CBS)

Chandra Wilson may play a doctor on TV, but when her oldest daughter developed a strange condition that triggered monthly bouts of vomiting, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star was just like any other mom — frustrated and scared.

“As a mother I don’t know anything medical,” she reveals on an episode of “The Doctors”, airing Wednesday.  “My daughter ‘presented’ something that looked like food poisoning.”

But it turned out to be much more complicated.  Last year, Sarina, 18, had actually developed a condition called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome – for which there is no known cure.

“She was sick for about five days vomiting,” Wilson reveals.  “We went to the emergency room and she was hydrated there and that seemed to be enough.  But a month later the exact same thing happened.  The nausea part of it just wouldn’t stop.  The pediatrician said it’s probably time to see a gastroenterologist because there must be something else going on.”

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Sarina, also a guest on the episode titled “How To Avoid A Misdiagnosis”, says doctors told her the condition could be stress-related – or she could be bringing it on herself.

“The things that are most commonly misdiagnosed are the things that are often the most difficult to diagnose,” says Dr. Travis Stork.

When they finally figured out what was going on, “it was like a ‘Eureka’  moment,” the actress recalls.  “Now we could develop an action plan of things we could do to avoid an episode in case another one develops.”

CVS is a condition that affected less than 100 people in 2007.  It is most common in children ages 3 to 7 and in certain cases can lead to undernourishment, high blood pressure or a life-threatening imbalance of salt.

“It’s been four months since she’d had an episode,” Wilson says, “so we’re cautiously optimistic.”

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