Watch: Emmy Rossum Talks ‘Shameless’ Nudity

by | February 22, 2011 at 4:14 PM | Late Night, Shameless

Emmy Rossum (E!)

Emmy Rossum (E!)

Emmy Rossum, who hasn’t made it through a single episode of “Shameless” without baring some skin, stopped by “Chelsea Lately” last night to discuss her many, many sex scenes.

“I was really nervous about it,” Rossum said of initially baring all. “The first time we did it I had to have a beer or two.”

“A beer?” Handler joked. “I’d have like a fifth of Belvedere.”

Over time Rossum’s become “frighteningly comfortable with it.”

She then went on to describe her efforts to portray “realistic but not real” sex, which includes having to wear a triangular patch that she refers to as, well — you’ll just have to watch:

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At Press Tour in January, “Shameless” executive producer John Wells said of the show’s approach to sex: “We are genuinely trying to show healthy sexuality without being too revealing. You know, energetic sexuality in homes in which there’s not a whole lot of money to do other things is a big part of life.”