Oscar Countdown: ‘Black Hawk Down’

by | February 23, 2011 at 11:00 AM | The Movies, TV News

black_hawk_down_300x300Editor’s note: It’s Day 26 in our 30-day “Countdown to Oscar,” where we’ll feature a different Oscar-winning movie that you can watch online right here at xfinitytv.com

Director Ridley Scott’s dramatic and frenetic tale of the Battle of Mogadishu won the Oscar for Best Editing and Best Sound. Scott narrowly missed winning the Best Director award.

Despite its popularity, the film was not received without controversy. Somali groups denounced the film for inhumane depictions of their people, while several critics called the film racist,  and still others noted major factual inaccuracies including Malaysian and Pakistani officials who said their incorrectly portrayed and heavily involved in battle.

You can watch this Oscar-winning classic online right now.

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