Sara Rue: The CW’s ‘Shedding’ Is No ‘Loser’

Host Sara Rue on The CW's Shedding For The Wedding (CW)

Host Sara Rue on The CW's Shedding For The Wedding (CW)

If you plan on watching the stick-thin models floating down the runway on “America’s Next Top Model” tonight (8/7c), don’t throw yourself into a tizzy about that extra chunkage on your thighs. Why? Because the CW gets you back to real people—and their chubby pre-marital problems—on its new couples weight-loss show “Shedding for the Wedding” (9/8c).

With two trainers and one fab-uh-lous wedding planner, the show offers nine overweight couples a shot at losing the most weight together to win the wedding of their dreams.

Sure, “Shedding” sounds like a replica of NBC’s “Biggest Loser,” but host Sara Rue, who has long battled with weight issues and is now preparing for her own wedding to fiancé Kevin Price, tells us that the show has its own unique appeal besides planning for nuptial-tastic bliss.

What made you want to be involved with this show?
Having my own weight loss journey, I felt really lucky to have been asked to work with Jenny Craig. When they called me to ask to do the show, my first instinct was, Mmm, no, maybe not. I mean, I love reality TV, but I don’t know if I want to be on it. But then I started thinking about it and it started feeling like it’d be kind of a Pay it Forward for me. And the idea of being involved in someone else’s weight loss journey and maybe being an inspiration and being able to help started to become more and more appealing. The spirit of the show is so positive and light and fun and when I sat down with them at The CW they really sort of convinced of me of that, and I said “Alright, I’m on board!”

Viewers are obviously going to compare “Shedding for the Wedding” with the “Biggest Loser”. So what are some interesting differences—besides the wedding theme—that you think sets it apart from “Loser”?
I love “Loser”—it’s one of my favorite shows, and I love a good cry like anybody else—but I think with “Shedding”, there’s a lighter feel to it, it’s funnier, and it’s a little bit more—and I mean this is in the best way—it’s a little bit more loosey goosey. They let me say what I want to say, I get to be funny, I get to root along with the contestants. I feel like there is a funnier element to “Shedding”. And the truth is yes, it’s serious, and it’s a health risk for anyone who’s more than 10% overweight, but “Biggest Loser” is dire straits…and I feel like with our contestants they’re not there yet.

Watch An Emotional Sneak Peek Of “Shedding For The Wedding”:

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Do any of the couples actually have a falling out and break up in the end?
I can tell you that there are a couple of the couples that had a really difficult time. I think the weigh-in was the most difficult day and the challenges maybe the second. Yes, the workouts are difficult, but they’re not emotionally scarring as some of the challenges. There are some definite fights where I was like, Am I witnessing a fallout of the end of a relationship here?! I can tell you that there is a lot of drama.

There’s a lot that we don’t see behind-the-scenes, but in actuality, how many hours are the couples training for?
My understanding was that they were working out for a few hours a day—like two or three. I was only there for the challenge days and then the weigh-ins.

And is the nutritionist there with them supervising every meal?
She was not supervising every meal, she got them going. She gave them a plan, and it was their job to follow it.  I thought that was really smart because you want to be able to take control of that and make your own meals and learn how to do it because part of the competition is that the final couples are sent home and they have to lose the rest of the weight at home.

Will the winning couple’s dream wedding be televised at the end of the show?
That is the plan!

Considering your own challenges with weight, what is the best advice you can give to overweight couples—married or unmarried—who’ll be watching this show at home?
They have to remember they already have a leg up on people who are doing it alone because it’s so much easier to do this with a partner. Secondly, my advice would be a little mantra that I always said to myself, which was, “Time is always going to move forward—whether I choose to or not is solely up to me.” And what I mean by that is your destiny is in your hands and you really have the power to do this, so my advice would be is take your power back and have what you want in life.

The season premiere of “Shedding for the Wedding” airs tonight on the CW at 9/8c.

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