‘Jersey Shore’: Snooki and Deena Get Punk’d

Snooki and Deena on Jersey Shore (MTV)

Snooki and Deena on Jersey Shore (MTV)

On last night’s “Jersey Shore,” Ron seemed to be slowly recuperating from his love muffin’s absence, and Snooki and Deena were all over the place, literally. As for The Snitch-u-ation, well, let’s just say we think he’s been going though a mid-life crisis.

Check out the highlights up in here:

Feeling his hamstrings ache at the thought of his beloved Samantha 20 miles away, Ron calls his padre to swaddle him and make him feel better. Once we see the old man, we’re shocked to see that he’s one upped his son in the ‘Who’s oranger department.’ As for any resemblance between the two, we could hardly find anything—with the exception of their non-existent calves.

The mustachioed senior tells his lil guy to hang in there, and Ronnie obeys like a good koopa troopa.

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Because he’s not getting enough air time, The Sitch decides he’s gotta go to extreme measures to get some much-needed attention. He decides to prank the two meatballs in the house—Snooki and Deena. They ask him to call a cab for them so they could go to a local haunt, but little do they know, he actually tells the cabbie to take the two gerbils on a surprise visit to Time Square in New York City!

But karma’s a biz-to-the-atch. Later that day, all the boys decide to eat out, and to Ron, Pauly, and Vinny’s ire, Mikey takes his sweet time primping. To teach him a lesson, the threesome bounce and leave the metrosexual guido all alone to fend for himself. When they come back home, Pauly offers his leftover fettuccine as a peace offering.

As each hour passes, Ron seems to be getting back to his usual happy self—even busting out in his usual monster giggles! He decides to go along with the house and club the night away but not before a protein power smoothie! As Ron joyfully blends away, suddenly, Sam walks through the front door! Whaaat?!!? Nooooo!

Oh, by the way, the toilets are still clogged, dawgs.

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