Y&R’s Lawsuit Makes Everyone Look Bad


Trust No One

I should love “The Young & the Restless’s” story about Victor’s (Eric Braeden) children suing him for mishandling their trust funds, a lawsuit which threatens to wrest control of Newman Enterprises from Victor. In the past year, he has gone from ruthless and controlling to heartless and mean. He has no respect for any of his children. I want them to put him in his place and get revenge. Abby’s (Marcy Rylan) initial attempt to gain control of money that her adoptive father Brad left her was sympathetic. She was entitled to her share of the estate, even if she wanted to use it to attempt to become the next Kim Kardashian. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nick (Josh Morrow) have joined her out of pure spite, and, in Victoria’s case, a desire to regain control of the cosmetics company she used to run.

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The problem is that they were handed cushy executive jobs at Newman Enterprises, and that Nick still lives on the Newman Ranch. Victor has shared his wealth with them their entire lives. Unlike Abby, who is determined to forge her own path, Victoria and Nick have always tried to have their cake and eat it too. If they don’t want Victor to control them, they could get jobs at other companies and move off his property. Nobody is entitled to a trust fund no matter how wealthy their parents are. It was Victor’s decision to gift his children with millions of unearned dollars, and he has every right to decide when and how they can get their hands on it. As much as I hate to agree with Victor about anything, Victoria and Nick are acting entitled and ungrateful. If they were attempting to get Victor in legal trouble for helping Skye fake her death or expose any of his other misdeeds, I would be behind them one hundred percent. Instead, I find myself rooting against every single character in the story.

Oh, Brother

Thursday, “One Life To Live’s” Tea (Florencia Lozano) greeted newbie Tomas (Ted King) with a slap to the face. It turns out that he is her long lost brother. Yes, Tea, who has been on and off the show for over a decade, grew up with a full sibling that she never mentioned. She never said a word about him to any of her love interests or husbands. When she took her daughter Dani (Kelley Missal) to visit the apartment where she grew up in New York City earlier this year and told stories about her childhood, she didn’t mention that she had a brother. When she mistakenly believed that she was dying, she expressed no desire to see her sibling. There were no childhood photos of Tea with her allegedly beloved older brother. This is common behavior on soaps, where every character’s past is constantly up for revision, but it never fails to amuse me. In real life, when two people start dating they grill each other about their families if for no other reason than to make sure they don’t have a genetic predilection to meth addiction. On a soap, people only mention their relatives if they are about to show up in town. If someone leaves, they won’t even come back for weddings and funerals. Yet, it’s common for adults with great jobs and active social lives to still live with their parents.

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My continuity nitpicks aside, I like the twist that Tomas and Tea are siblings. The man of mystery needs some connection to someone in Llanview. It also deepens the mystery of the connection between Tomas and Blair (Kassie DePaiva). Did Tomas really find a photo of Todd version 1.0 and Blair that he used to paint a picture of Blair in a Paris flea market, or did he have the photo because he was keeping tabs on his sister from afar and decided to investigate Todd? Is he working with the Roger Howarth Todd who recruited him because of his connection to Tea?  If so, he’s got a hell of a poker face. He truly seemed to have no idea what was going on in Tea’s life.  I appreciated that the show did not have an elaborate, far fetched explanation for how they lost touch. Nobody was presumed dead. Tomas left Julliard and moved to Europe and Tea never heard from him again. That could happen, especially since reclusive Tomas is the OLTL character least likely to have a MyFace page.

So far,Tomas has been a checklist of characteristics that make him my perfect imaginary boyfriend. He’s smart enough to speak five languages. He’s an artist. He plays the piano. He likes and respects women. He looks like Ted King. In short, he’s OLTL’s apology to its viewers for the Ford family. His connection to Tea keeps him from being too good to be true. He may be an artist and a lover, but he’s a lousy brother.

Bully Pulpit

Speaking of OLTL, the initial scenes of the newly aged Jack (Andrew Triscetta) and Shane’s (Austin Williams) bullying storyline veered towards the after school special. In part that’s because it’s tough to write realistic bullying dialogue without running afoul of the FCC. So it was understandable that Jack’s insults lacked bite. However, while Shane’s asthma would make him a target, reading a comic book in 2011 would not. The geeks won the pop culture war. It’s more likely that Jack would steal Shane’s comic book because he wanted to read it than because he thought comic books were lame. But I could not help laughing unironically at the taunting note Jack left in Shane’s locker: “It gets worse.” I like the idea that Jack is aware of the It Gets Better anti-bullying video campaign and decided to mock it. That’s something a teenage jerk would actually do.

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